Airwards 2021 2020 winners people's choice

Inaugural Airwards awards celebrate 2021’s drone leaders

The drone industry has hosted awards for the best drone photos. It’s celebrated the industry’s female leaders. Big-time advocacy groups like AUVSI have called out leading companies. But there’s a new drone awards distributor in town: Airwards.

Airwards just celebrated its inaugural global awards ceremony, acknowledging lifesaving drone projects with a focus on positive use-cases for drones. Airwards winners included projects centered around whale conservation, remote medical delivery, fawn protection, marine search and rescue, and emergency wildfire prevention.

The new Airwards ceremony looked at 100 nominees submitted from international companies, non-profits and organizations worldwide. From there, Airwards whittled it down to just 16 winners, which were announced across the Airwards Winners’ Week between May 24 and 28. The winners were selected by a panel of 26 judges.

Here’s a list of the winners:

AgricultureRehkitzrettung SchweizProtecting wildlife from farm machinery during the grass harvest, in which 1,410 fawns were rescued in 2020Switzerland
Defense, Security and SurveillanceVIZGARDUsing computer vision to automate and enhance surveillance, particularly in GPS-denied environmentsUK
Medical and HealthcareAerialMetricDelivery of essential medicines, contraceptives and vaccines in remote areas of Northern MadagascarMadagascar
Conservation and EnvironmentOcean AllianceStudying whales in a non-invasive way by flying through the blow of a whale and collects exhaled breath condensate, or ‘snot’, on Petri dishesUSA
Education and ResearchInspire Africa GroupTeaching students across 52 schools in Southern Africa to develop core education skillsSouth Africa
Emergency Response and SAR AvyBuilding an early wildfire warning system with daily drone flightsNetherlands
Public Safety Doosan Mobility InnovationCreating a hydrogen drone system to speed up the process of finding missing people out at seaSouth Korea
Counter Drone Systems (Anti-Drones)WhiteFox DefenseBuilding a system to stop drones from operating unsafely or being illegally launchedUSA
Sensors and PayloadDotterel TechnologiesCreating a two-way communication payload for dronesNew Zealand
Software – Captured data management and analysisDroneSecBuilding a threat intelligence platform for dronesAustralia
Software – Enabling flight and operational managementAmerican RoboticsBuilding a drone-in-a-box Scout System capable of continuous, unattended operation to collect dataUSA
Airspace ManagementCranfield UniversityTesting tech to enable flying drones beyond visual line of sight in non-segregated airspaceUK
DeliveryVolansiEnabling delivery of cold chain medicines to improve access to healthcareUSA
Survey and InspectionFlyabilityUsing drones indoors for industrial inspections, replacing the need for humans to do themUSA
ConsultancyFlyby TechnologyUrban flying of COVID-19 samples, supplies, and the transportation of organs for transplant patientsUK
Training and CertificationAvtrainOperatating on the principle of 3Ds – if it’s Dull, Dirty of Dangerous then a drone should do itIreland

The Airwards nomination period was open between December 2020 and March 2021. Winners were judged on criteria including innovation, responsibility and impact.

Separately, the Airwards also recognized five individuals and companies chosen through the inaugural Airwards People’s Choice Awards.

Those winners were based on the individuals and companies — from 65 nominees — that received the highest number of public votes out of more than 10,000 votes cast. Here were the Airwards people’s choice winners:

  1. Dr. Ruchi Saxena (India) for the ‘Disruptor’
  2. Ramón Roche (Mexico) for the ‘Industry Impactor’
  3. Uttam Pudasaini (Nepal) for the ‘Rising Star’
  4. Excalibur Healthcare (UK) for the ‘External Advocate’
  5. Global Drone Training (UK) for ‘SME’

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