replacement FAA drone license

How to get a replacement FAA drone license if you’ve lost it

So you lost your FAA drone license? If you’ve lost it, you can apply for a new one directly through the Federal Aviation Administration, and no, you won’t have to go through the whole testing process again.

  1. To get a replacement FAA drone license, start by logging into the FAA’s website (you’ll use the same login you created when you first registered to become a FAA-certified pilot; if you didn’t create an account then, you can create one now).
  2. From there, click on the link titled Order Replacement Certificates.
  3. You’ll be redirected to a page showing all the certificates that you hold. You can select which ones you need a replacement for.
  4. You’ll simply input your new shipping info, and you’ll also have to submit a credit card payment of $2 for each certificate requested. Otherwise, pretty painless!

For the analog folks out there, there’s also a paper application form you can download, fill out and mail in, along with a paper check with your $2 payment in order to to get your replacement FAA drone license.

You can use that same website to perform a variety of other tasks beyond just replacing a lost FAA drone license. Other things you can do on that site:

  • Change your Address
  • Remove SSN as Certificate Number
  • Request Temporary Authority to Exercise Certificate Privileges
  • Request Verification of Certificate Privileges

The FAA requires that everyone who flies drones for commercial purposes (ie. making money) obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate, which you get by passing a written test, called the Aeronautical Knowledge Exam. Upon passing, pilots receive a license, which is good for two years. After two years are up, you’ll need to take a recurrent knowledge test if you wish to continue flying commercially. Note that you do not need to use this process to get a new license if your certificate has expired; this process is simply for replacing lost licenses.

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