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This guide highlights all the best places to fly drones in the U.S.

Flying drones is certainly fun, but it can be tough to do.

Every new place you fly your drone comes with the concern of “can I legally fly my drone here?” coupled with concerns of whether you can safely do it, whether there will be tons of objects or people nearby to distract from your flying, and whether it’s even a pleasurable place to fly and get great photos.

The team at UAV Coach put together an incredible guide to amazing places to fly your drone in over 25 of the most populated cities across the U.S.  Each city has 3-5 recommended spots that are great for flying in. Plus, each city’s page comes with airspace maps and information about local regulations, to ensure you have a seamless flying experienece.

Here are some of my personal favorite spots from UAV Coach’s “Where To Fly Your Drone” guide:

In my current home of San Francisco, Calif: Sue Bierman Park

Sue Bierman Park is located across the street from the historic San Francisco Ferry Building, so you can get incredible water views, while architecture lovers can get a bird’s-eye view of the iconic building.

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The bandstand in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri.

Near where I first learned to fly drones outside of St Louis, Missouri: Forest Park

Forest Park is an incredible (and large!) place that includes the St. Louis Zoo, Missouri History Museum, St. Louis Art Museum, and the St. Louis Science Center. Note that you can’t fly drones everywhere in Forest Park.

Aerial view of Point Vicente, Palos Verdes, CA

Near my hometown south of Los Angeles, Calif: The Point Vicente Lighthouse.

The Point Vicente Lighthouse is a prime location for flying your drone as it has not only a historic lighthouse but also large cliffs, the Pacific Ocean, and views of Rancho Palos Verdes.

Of course, UAV Coach does not claim that their links are exhaustive, and says the links are simply meant to provide direction. Laws can change at any time, so always adhere to the latest rules. If necessary, you should always consult an aviation attorney, or at least perform additional research on your intended drone use and chosen airspace.

Check out UAV Coach’s “Where To Fly Your Drone” guide here.


  • Ash says:

    Great article. We need more public awareness and backing for these beautiful machines and the services the offer to humans!

  • Eddie Freeman says:

    What is your experience with flying your drone in Hawaii? Hawaii is not listed among your list of states.

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