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Drone Girl’s website has an update! And we have a sale to celebrate!

Hey Drone Girl readers!

You may have noticed some changes to TheDroneGirl.com. We have been making changes over the past couple months (some are minor, behind-the-scenes tweaks, and some are major cosmetic changes). Thanks for bearing with us as you navigate the new site.

One of our biggest changes is a brand-new shop with all new merchandise. And to celebrate, we’re giving you 15% off your entire order, now through Thursday, 11/22 using coupon code “refresh” at checkout. Simply type in “refresh” in the coupon code box and 15% will automatically be discounted from your entire order.

We’re also excited to share our new redesign (which you have probably noticed by now!) making way for more news and photos to highlight the same great content you’ve come to know (and hopefully love!).

Here’s what it looks like now:

And what it looked like before — what a difference!





With the update, you’ll now find easier navigation to some of our favorite features, including our Getting Started Guide and our Free Desktop backgrounds right in the header.

Thank you for your continued readership! This website would not exist without this amazing community, so thank you!

If you would like to keep this site alive, the No. 1 best thing you can do is share it with a friend. You can follow us and tag your friends so they also find us on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. To get updates of every new post, please subscribe via email to our newsletter at the link in our sidebar!

If you feel like doing even more, you can also help us out financially. The easiest way to do this is to help us out through purchases you’re already making on Amazon, B&H Photo or DJI’s own site. The Drone Girl is an affiliate partner of these sites and makes a commission for each purchase you make. Or, make a purchase through one of Drone Girl’s sponsors, including TrackimoDroneInsurance and Drone Pilot Ground School. You can also purchase apparel through the Drone Girl shop.

If you want to do even more, consider making a one time donation via PayPal.

I can’t believe it’s been nearly six years since this started. I would have never imagined my little blog would turn into such an inspiring and life-changing community. And it takes people — that’s YOU — to make that happen.

And a huge thanks to Drone Girl’s amazing tech guy, Hamilton Nguyen, for the help with the site reconstruction!

Do you have thoughts or feedback on how we can make this site even better? Whether it’s around the merchandise, the articles, the navigation, or anything else, we want to hear it! You can email me directly or leave a comment below.

Happy flying!

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