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8% of Americans may own a drone, but here’s how most people feel about them

8% of Americans say they own a drone and 59% say they have seen one in action, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in the middle of 2017.

But despite the high levels of people who have encountered drones, most Americans still don’t like the idea of drones buzzing near them.

Pew interviewed 4,135 Americans in May, asking them a range of questions about drones including their feelings when around them, and where drones should or shouldn’t be flying.

And the survey’s results reveal some surprising insights as to the majority of America’s opinions about drones.

The majority of Americans don’t like the idea of drones flying near people’s homes, near crime scenes or over traffic accidents.

That’s despite the fact that drones have proven wildly useful in cases such as roof inspections and documenting crime scenes. Insurance companies are using drones as an easy way to check for damage around homes, and of course, drones flying near homes would be imperative to making package delivery work.


Most of the sentiments against drones come from older adults. Only 37% of millennials say that drones shouldn’t fly near people’s homes, while 73% of boomers say they shouldn’t.

The good news is, that even though most Americans don’t want drones flying near their homes, most would feel positive emotions around the drone — curiosity and interest rank among the top. Only 11% of Americans actually said they would feel scared if a drone flew near their home.



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