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Eclipse 2017: the best eclipse photos taken by a drone

A total solar eclipse crossed the United States on Monday, bringing people outside in full force to watch the historic event.

Also out in full force? The drones.

Many drone pilots put their drones in the skies to document the first total solar eclipse to cross the nation since 1918, which carved a “path of totality” from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina.

Here were some of the best images taken by drone pilots:

Filmmaker Harrison Hughes took this incredible video, which shows the earth going completely dark at about the 20 second mark and starting to lighten up again at the 54 second mark.

Daniel Toner captured the view of the eclipse over Nashville.

And in San Francisco, Eddie Codel, who also heads up the Flying Robot international Drone Film Festival, went reverse on us and, rather than photographing the sun, photographed the people looking at the sun.

The Washington Post also sent their own drone photographer to Corvallis, Ore. to capture the eclipse.

Did you photograph the eclipse with a drone? Share links to your images on social media in the comments below!

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