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DARTdrones adds specialty drone training: inspections, search and rescue, and mapping with DroneDeploy

By now you’ve probably got your Part 107 and are likelu looking to up your skill set to distinguish yourself from the 300,000 other Federal Aviation Administration-certified remote pilots out there.

DARTdrones, which has raised funding including a $300,000 investment from Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban in an episode of the show that aired in February 2017,  is now offering new specialty drone training courses.

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The drone training startup is teaming up with drone mapping software startup DroneDeploy to offer an Aerial Mapping and Modeling course. It will be a two day course that goes over how to collect, analyze and export drone mapping and modeling data.

DARTdrones’ Rapid Daytime Search and Rescue Workshop will be geared toward emergency responders who want to learn how to use drones to find missing people. The workshop is the first in a series of public-safety focused courses coming soon, including using drones for accident investigation, water rescue and fire scene operations.

Another DARTdrone’s course is an aerial roof inspections course.

All drone specialty workshops will be offered online.

DARTdrones, of course, is not the only Part 107 training course out there. I personally passed based on study guides from Drone Pilot Ground School. Their online-only course is $299, buut use the DRONEGIRL50 coupon code at checkout to save $50. Another popular online Part 107 study guide is Drone Launch Academy. Their price tag is a lower $199, but you can use the DRONEGIRL50 coupon code at checkout to bring your price down to just $149. One more note if you’re skittish about failing your test: if you fail your in-person exam, Drone Launch Academy will pay for you to retake it.

DARTdrones was created by serial entrepreneur Abby Speicher and employs dozens of flight instructors to carry out drone training courses around the United States.

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