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DJI partners with Measure to step up commercial drone use

DJI on Thursday announced a partnership with Measure, a drone service provider, to increase how DJI products are used for commercial applications.

Measure is a “drone as a service company,” providing drones to commercial operations that would need a drone but don’t want to manage the drone themselves.

A farmer using Measure would pay about $1,736 a flight to cover an average-sized farm, which the USDA says is 434 acres. For a business farming soybeans, which settled Thursday at about $11.17 a bushel, that would cost $0.36 per bushel per acre, according to Measure’s own drone value calculator.

Measure says its services can improve farm management, including how to apply fertilizer and irrigation and improve decision-making.

“Businesses increasingly recognize that having a knowledgeable and experienced operator at the controls is key to using UAV technology most effectively,” said Jan Gasparic, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, DJI in a prepared statement. “Measure’s application-specific pilot training and deep knowledge of flight regulation allows them to set the standard for commercial UAV operations in the field. We are looking forward to expanding our successful relationship with Measure, allowing more businesses to perform critical functions faster, safer, more efficiently and at a lower cost.”

The news comes in light of another relatively major partnership between DJI competitor Parrot’s enterprise arm, senseFly, and airspace operations startup Skyward. It also follows last week’s major announcement that commercial drone use would be legal in the U.S., as long as operators pass a FAA-issued test.

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