DroneHangar’s ‘Lite’ case offers the most for your money

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Don’t have a drone case yet? If you’re the kind of frugal dronie (like me) who is looking for the best quality case for the least amount of money, this is the one you need.

Custom Case Group relaunched its DroneHangar product line with a new set of drone cases called the DroneHangar Lite, a soft-sided, lightweight carrying case fitted with a water jet cut foam cushioning system customized for drones including the DJI Phantom ($109), DJI Inspire 1 ($136) or Yuneec Q500 ($129).

The cushion system is designed to fit the drone itself, RC transmitter and other various supplies you need along with the drone.

DroneHangar’s signature Pro case is a premium Pelican case customized for drones used in more rugged environments, such as on-location filming, disaster areas and military zones. But for a hobbyist or someone looking to have a less bulky, lighter means of transporting the drone, this is a much better solution.

I loved how the case closed without having to screw off the propellers, and had room to fit other accessories.

So how does it compare to other drone cases? Much more inexpensive while offering the same quality, which is a key to why I would recommend it.

I love LowePro’s drone case because it’s the smallest of the cases I’ve ever reviewed. Being a small person myself (I’m 4’10”), I appreciate not being dwarfed by a bulky drone case. It has backpack straps, so it’s easy to take on a hike or carry down the steps to the beach. (DroneHangar’s case offers a shoulder strap). But while I love the aesthetic of it, I’m not sure it’s worth paying more for. LowePro’s DroneGuard CS 400 currently retails for $149.95 — about $40 more than DroneHangar’s.

I also love Think Tank Photo’s Phantom Airport Helipak. It’s a large backpack, about the same size as DroneHangar’s case. I do like the Think Tank Photo Helipak because each of the cell foam dividers are removable and customizable. If you decide to switch drones, you can simply rearrange the dividers to fit the size of your new drone. With DroneHangar, you would have to buy a new backpack if you were to transfer between Yuneec and DJI products. Though, I do think DroneHangar’s dividers are sturdier, and Think Tank requires you to remove propellers before zipping the case. Think Tank also scores bonus points for having backpack straps while providing lumbar support. Again, at $199.75, someone looking to save money would be better off with DroneHangar Lite.

DroneHangar Lite is highly recommended. It’s budget friendly, incredibly sturdy yet lightweight, and fits Phantom and Yuneec drones perfectly without having to screw off the propellers. While in my ideal world it would have backpack straps and a way to reconfigure the layout of the drone inside, it’s not necessary. It’s the most inexpensive of the drone cases I’ve ever reviewed, yet it lacks nothing in its value.

Happy flying, or traveling!

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