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10 drone Twitter accounts you need to be following in 2016

Follow the right drone Twitter accounts, and you’ll get everything you wanted to know about drones — and even the stuff you didn’t want to know. What are the latest drone-related lawsuits out there? What new products are coming on the market? And oh, god, did ANOTHER drone just crash somewhere near The White House?

For the drone enthusiasts of the world, there are too many accounts and too little time. If you only have time for 10, here are my picks for the best drone Twitter accounts to follow:

Drone Analyst: For business insights, Colin Snow aka @DroneAnalyst is your guy. There’s insight on who is using them, and how many people are using them. There’s sales data, and there are stories about how drones are changing businesses. Like, um, BMW:

Gregory McNeal: @GregoryMcNeal has mastered the art of the RT, aggregating the best of the best. He focuses on policy, law and business. But he also is good about giving real-time insight into the drone community from the myriad of conferences and events he is visiting. Like this tweet:

Ryan Mac: @RMac18 captured my attention with an interesting profile he wrote about DJI in Forbes, but his drone reporting hasn’t stopped there. He also covers e-commerce, tech and music for Forbes. His tweets like this one make me jealous:

Matt McFarland: McFarland is editor of The Washington Post’s innovations blog, and his feed is filled with self-driving cars, hoverboards and of course drones. @MattMcFarland is deeply personal (as far as Internet personas go), with glimpses of him falling off hoverboards, but also provides interesting takes on what everyone is talking about right now. Just a few weeks ago, that was Disneyland drones:

Helen Greiner: Greiner is CEO of CyPhy Works, and her feed @HelenGreiner is chock full of interesting drone stories, keeping followers up to date on drone delivery, drones doing donuts, and other entertaining, related stories on things like “How to Build a Life-Size BB-8.”

That Drone Show: No Twitter account captures the spirit of the drone hobbyist community the way @ThatDroneShow does. The account is full of photos showing the latest drone designs people are using and events people are attending. It’s overloaded with enthusiasm for drones — after all, their mantra is Drones Are Good! This account is loaded with personality and makes me wish I was flying a drone always. Like this:

Brendan Schulman: Schulman, who works as the Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs at DJI, is my go-to for policy and law news. I find myself relying on it for alerts about new drone legislation. Often @dronelaws is the one breaking news:

Jonathan Rupprecht: In the same vein, @rupprechtlaw tweets mostly news about drone-related laws. He’s a commercial pilot and attorney, and he frequently gives his opinions on the latest drone rulings.

Kike Calvo: I really like @KIKECALVO, which tends to focus on the art and photography aspect of drones. That shouldn’t be a surprise; he serves as a photographer with National Geographic and is regularly posting photos of drones or useful links around topics like “best drones for photography.”

Altasia On Drones: @Alt_copter is a site purely about drone news. Based in the Netherlands, it serves as a handy RSS feed of relevant drone stories. It also has original photos — like the hawk that is intercepting drones:

Oh and of course, do follow me. Please! You can find me @TheDroneGirl.

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