Ambarella product sheds light on what drones will look like in 2017

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Drones are huge at the Consumer Electronics Show this year — there’s an entire section dedicated to more than a dozen exhibits from drone makers and others getting into the drone game. But the most important announcement to come out of the show so far isn’t a drone. It’s a chip.

MW-EC644_Ambare_20160105181303_NSChip maker Ambarella, Inc. today introduced the H2 and H12 camera chips, intended to allow drones to capture more powerful video than ever. The new chips mean that the next generation of drones will be able to function much better in low-light or high-contrast situations, and will produce much smoother video. They potentially eliminate the need for mechanical gimbals, pivoted support systems that can be costly and cumbersome on drones, but have so far been necessary for anyone looking to shoot high-quality, smooth footage.

That may not sound particularly sexy, but the chips are our first clue into what drones in 2017 and beyond might be capable of doing.

The H2 chip targets high-end camera models, while the H12 targets mainstream cameras.

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