How to find the ideal drone battery

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LiPo batteries   Flickr   Photo SharingIt’s small. It’s lightweight. It’s capable of powering the unmanned flying object for a decent amount of time. Getting ready to purchase your first drone (or upgrade to a new one)? Here are 5 tips for maximizing battery life.

● Choose the biggest battery possible that won’t weigh the drone down.

● Experiment with propeller size–if you aren’t attaching a camera, a smaller propeller is best.

● Charge the battery in the hours before you use the drone. Charging the battery days before causes rechargeable batteries to lose power.

● Avoid flying your drone in excessively windy or rainy conditions, as they cause the drone to work harder and therefore drain the battery.

● Recharge your battery in a cool environment to avoid reducing capacity. Charging it halfway is also recommended to avoid overcharging.

Have a Phantom? Here’s Dronefly’s Phantom-specific battery guide:

Phantom Drone Battery 1300mah 45c

Hailed as the perfect battery for powering the Dji 5.8 video transmitter and receiver, this Phantom drone battery option is small, light, and features a continuous discharge of 45c. It features a burst discharge of 90c, and helps ensure you obtain the video footage you want.

DJI OEM Phantom Battery

Ideal for all Phantom and GoPro products, the DJI OEM Phantom Battery is a high-quality option featuring the same balance connectors as those found on the DJI Phantom Drone Aerial Rig. It’s important to note that running this battery all the way down can damage if not ruin the product.

Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery 4480MAH

Featuring a capacity of 4480 mAh and a voltage of 15.2 V, this battery must be charged with a DJI-approved charger.


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