New charging pad for Parrot drones changes the way you charge your batteries

unnamedAnnual tech-fest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway this weekend in Las Vegas, expected to bring in 160,000 people, 3,500 exhibitors and tons of drones.

But beyond your traditional drones that you can expect to see this year, we’ll also see the next step — accessories that can make your flying more efficient.

Enter Skysense’s portable charging pad.

Skysense released a smart battery module specifically designed for the Parrot Bebop Drone that makes charging batteries as easy and landing on the charging station.

“After its demo with the MYO gesture­control armband last year, Parrot confirms once again its openness and interest in collaborating with startups on its most innovative products,” according to a news release.

Photo courtesy Skysense

Photo courtesy Skysense

Here’s how it works: Your drone flies miles away from you. The battery has probably lasted 20 minutes — 30 minutes on a good day. Your drone autonomously lands — but not just anywhere — on a portable landing pad no more than the size of a bath mat, which you’ve set up ahead of time. Wires connected to the drone touch the pad, and through direct contact, the batteries on the drone immediately start charging. Once charged, the drone takes off and resumes the mission you’ve programmed for it.

“This solves two problems,”Andrea Puiatti, CEO of Skysense said in a previous interview with The Drone Girl. “The first, it enables you to manage the operation remotely. Second, you can have a drone that takes off at any time without human intervention to change the battery, thus enabling fully autonomous missions.”

Puiatti said the charging is just as efficient as if you were to plug the battery charger in the socket wall.

The product would enable a drone to have full automation, particularly useful in cases such as inspection, security and agriculture, and it has a retail price between $1000-1500 dollars.

Preorders are now being taken and will be shipped in February 2015.

Read more on Skysense, including an in-depth interview between The Drone Girl and Skysense CEO Andrea Puiatti here.

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