Broadcast news station in South Africa to use drones in traffic reporting

Two South African media outlets are working to provide real-time traffic updates to the community using a drone.

Kagiso New Media and Jacaranda FM have plans to launch a remote-controlled drone over the N1 highway; up-to-the-minute online video feeds will capture images of traffic congestion to enrich on-air traffic reporters, as well as be streamed live online.

“In a metropolitan area with so many traffic issues, this offering will save our audience a lot time and hassle,” said Jacaranda FM general manager Kevin Fine. “We see it as a potential revolution not only in traffic reporting, but also in news reporting. It’s another innovative avenue that keeps us connected to our audience.”

The stations are the next in a wave of journalism organizations embracing the use of drones to improve upon the quality and reduce the costs of journalism. Broadcast stations often deploy helicopters to monitor traffic, so a drone offers a cheaper, more efficient alternative.

“We believe that UAV technology is an integral step into a future of transparent communications and information because it provides real time data when people need it,”said Craig Corte, chief digital officer at Kagiso Media. “We plan to be at the forefront of this technological boom so that we can capitalize on the many opportunities which it will provide.”

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