6 incredible photos that are proof drones will revolutionize photography

It’s that time for 6 stunning drone photos that will a) make you wish you had a drone b) make you want to go take pictures outside with your drone c) drool out of amazement.



Very few drone photos get above the clouds, but here’s a stunning one by Carl Jones called “A Break in the Cloud.”



This one by Scott MacBride is titled Face Down Tuesday. Thumbs up!


Drones love surfing! And we love this one by Laurent_Imagery.


The town of Maastricht, The Netherlands, by Robert Huberts.


Here’s one more by Robert Huberts.


Oat Vaiyaboon took this photo during a visit along The Great Ocean Road in Australia. This photo was taken at 12 Apostles Coastal Reserve — the last stop (and during a gorgeous sunset).

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