The 6 cutest little mini-drones you’ll ever see

Good things come in small packages. Me (I’m 4’10”). Drones (see below).

Drone makers have increasingly realized that consumers want smaller drones — which is why companies like AirDog began creating foldable (but still ultimately large) drones as a way to but them less bulky in transport and in storage. From there, big players like DJI have iterated to build drones that are actually small. Some don’t fold, but are just small (like the Spark). Others fold, and are a decent size in use. Some are small and fold, like the Mavic Mini.

But if we’re judging tiny drones purely on cuteness, here are the winners:

6. Syma’s BumbleBee

It’s official name is a mouthful — the X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quad Copter Bumblebee. It’s a big kid toy, and its 3-axis flight control system allows this guy to flip, roll and more. This Bumblebee copter can fly indoors and outdoors. The cheapest drone on this list, it’ll run you $34.45 on Amazon.

5. AeroVironment Nano Hummingbird

This drone is aesthetically beautiful, and it also has some REALLY powerful technology. Unlike all the other drones on the list, this one is not a consumer drone, but rather a spy drone developed as a military prototype.  It looks too real — and out of this world.

4. The drone from Flubber.

Not for sale. Not any less cute. Probably THE cutest.

3. Walkera Ladybird

Thanks to Walkera, now you can have your own flying ladybug robot. It doesn’t do much except fly around, but with a little guy this cute, what more could you want? It’s got about 6-8 minutes of flight time and is VERY crash resistant. Buy your own for $65.

2. Parrot MiniDrone

Obviously it flies, but once you add to ultra-light wheels to the structure, it can also roll along the floor, climb along walls and even move across the ceiling. It’s a physics feat! A prototype was revealed at this year’s CES, so while we don’t have all the official deets, you can check it out here.

1. The Pocket Drone

It’s powerful enough to hold a GoPro, yet small enough to — get this — FOLD UP to less than 7 inches. It’s 1 pound, has 20 minutes of flight time and will cost you $495.  This guy lives on Kickstarter, so back them and you too can have your own adorably-mini fold-up drone.

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