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Mistake sale? We’ll take it! Mavic Air goes on sale early on Amazon

It’s not clear if it’s a mistake sale or completely intentional, but ahead of Black Friday 2018, Amazon has already listed the DJI Mavic Air on sale for the lowest price we have seen anywhere on the Internet. Amazon currently has the DJI Mavic Air listed for just $699, down from its usual price of $799.

If you had been holding out on buying the Mavic Air (which is easily my favorite drone ever!) because you were waiting for a price drop, now is the time to hop on this insane deal.

That beats what had been the previous best Mavic Air deal I had seen, which was the $799 Mavic Air bundle sold at Costco. The bundle includes what you would get from Amazon, plus a travel bag. Costco’s offer is still a pretty good deal, but considering the bag goes for $89 on its own at the DJI store and even cheaper at just $69 on Amazon, then if you really want the bag you’re better off buying the drone from Amazon today, and buying the bag separately. (Plus you’ll need a Costco membership to take advantage of that deal anyway.)

DJI had announced earlier this month that the Mavic Air would go on sale as part of its Black Friday 2018 promotion for $699 on its own site, but their sale doesn’t begin until Sunday, Nov. 18. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Mavic Air ASAP, then there’s no reason to wait for DJI’s Black Friday sale, because it likely won’t get any better than this.

Oh, and if you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, here’s a link to a free 30-day trial. That will get you free 2-day shipping — a big win for this holiday shopping season. Don’t need 2-day shipping and willing to wait? Amazon often makes offers like “$2 off digital products” or “$5 off Amazon Prime Now grocery delivery” if you opt for the slower shipping option, meaning you’re basically earning money with those choices.

Need help deciding whether you should get the Mavic Air vs. the DJI Mavic Pro. vs. the DJI Spark? I have a thorough breakdown here.


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