Getting Started With Drones

So you got a drone. Congrats! Now what? There’s a lot you need to know about getting started with drones before you even get your drone in the air (sorry).

From registering your drone, to getting a Part 107 license, to knowing where you can fly, here’s everything you need to do before you get to the fun part — flying!

Don’t have a drone yet? Visit my Ultimate Drone Buying Guide. My drone buying guide is also broken down into specific types of drones, which includes:

Photography drones

Small or toy drones

So now you have your drone. Ready to fly? Perhaps not.

The reality is, getting started with drones can be an overwhelming experience for many beginners. The vast array of drone models, technical specifications, and regulations can leave you feeling confused and unsure of where to begin.

So with that, I’ve created a multi-part series on how to get started with drones! Here are each of the sections, broken out on separate pages:

If there’s only going to be one thing you read about drones before you press takeoff, it should be Part 1, which is a quick, 7-point rundown of the most important things to know about drones.

I’m just getting started with drones and need 1:1 support?

I see my website as the ultimate free resource in helping you get started with drones. Use the search box on the top right corner of my website, as I might have an answer for you! And if you don’t find an answer, you can always contact me.

That said, I get hundreds of emails per day. And because I spend my time reporting the news – staying on track of FAA regulations, drone investments and new products, etc. — I can’t help everyone to the extent they need.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce my partnership with Drone Pilot Ground School, which is the ultimate resource for 1:1 support around your personal drone flying experience.

They offer what’s called Drone Pilot Skill Builder, an online course that answers all these questions for new drone pilots with little flight experience as of yet, but who want to sharpen their skills in an efficient way that covers everything — and keeps all the information in one place.

And for people who already know piloting but want to learn more about the law, regulations and even become a certified drone pilot themselves, my friends at Drone Pilot Ground School also offer a Part 107 test prep course, which is a one-stop shop for getting that drone pilot’s license.


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