Coronavirus Resources

Coronavirus is rapidly impacting everyone around the world, and drone pilots are seeing their careers changing because of it too. We’ve put together a list of resources to document the changes, to show you ways you can get financial support, and simply to bring a little drone joy to you (even if it’s just flying a little toy drone around your living room).

This page is continuously growing, but is meant to contain necessary information to keep you entertained and learning during this time.

And hopefully, you’ll find resources to help your business stay in business — and perhaps even grow.

If you’re looking for something to do at home involving drones

If you are a small business owner

If you are a parent, teacher or STEM worker

If you are a drone conference attendee or organizer

Were you planning to attend a drone conference in 2020? Many are being cancelled or postponed. Find out the status of all the major 2020 drone conferences.

How drones are being used during coronavirus

A number of company’s are finding new use cases for drones that involve stopping coronavirus. Here’s some of our coverage on those uses:

If you have any story ideas or suggestions of resources to add to this page, please contact me here!