DJI Mini 4K: This $299 drone is already a #1 best-seller on Amazon — for good reason

It’s only been on sale for a day, and it’s already Amazon’s No. 1 best-selling drone. That’s the DJI Mini 4K, and it’s a new release from DJI offering an update to the Mini 2 SE drone.

The quiet release is fairly limited. The DJI Mini 4K (at least for now) is not even available on DJI’s site, though you can purchase it through third-party retailers like Amazon. And it’s unsurprisingly why this drone is already performing killer sales on Amazon — as it’s a fantastic entry-level drone that ticks all sorts of boxes including ability to shoot 4K video, sub-250 gram weight, ease of flight and approachable price point.

The most significant upgrade in the Mini 4K versus the DJI Mini 2 SE is, as the name suggests, its camera. It boasts 4K video recording at up to 30fps, a step up from the 2.7K capabilities of the Mini 2 SE. The 3-axis motorized gimbal ensures smooth, stable footage.

Sure, the Mini 4K doesn’t pack the same punch as DJI’s higher-end offerings like the Mini 3 or Mini 4 Pro, which have better sensors and longer flight times. The DJI Mini 4 Pro also has omnidirectional obstacle sensig, making it effectively crashproof.

But, like all consumer drones as of late from DJI, the Mini 4K retains many of DJI’s user-friendly features. One-tap takeoff and landing, GPS-guided return to home, and a variety of pre-programmed flight modes make it easy to get airborne and capture professional-looking shots.

The Mini 4K also boasts a respectable battery life of up to 31 minutes, allowing for extended flight times. It’s available in two packages: a base model for $299 and a Fly More Combo that includes extra batteries and a charging hub for $449. This competitive price point makes the Mini 4K an attractive option for cost-conscious flyers.

Size matters — for more reasons than you might think

And perhaps most importantly for pilots — particularly those new to drones — is the fact that it weighs 249 grams. Drones under 250 grams are a big deal because many federal drone regulations do not apply to drones that small. Within the U.S., drones under 250 grams do not need to be registered with the FAA for recreational operations. They also do not need to be Remote ID compliant.

Of course, size certaintly does matter for more reasons than just that. The Mini 4K’s foldable design and sub-250 gram weight make it incredibly easy to transport. Tuck it in your backpack or carry-on suitcase and take it anywhere, perfect for capturing travel footage or spontaneous adventures. By the way, yes, you can take this drone on a plane.

DJI Mini 4K

DJI Mini 4K specs

Here’s a quick rundown of the DJI Mini 4K’s specs:

  • Camera: 4K video recording at 30fps, 2.7K at 60fps
  • Photo: 12MP stills
  • Gimbal: 3-axis motorized gimbal
  • Max flight time: 31 minutes
  • Weight: 249 grams (registration-exempt in most countries)
  • Price: $299 (base model), $449 (Fly More Combo)

Is the DJI Mini 4K right for you?

The DJI Mini 4K is an excellent choice for beginner drone pilots looking for a compact, affordable option to capture high-quality aerial footage. With its sub-250 gram weight, easy-to-use features, and excellent image quality, the Mini 4K makes drone flying accessible to a wider range of consumers.

However, if you’re looking for more advanced features like obstacle avoidance or longer flight times, consider a better camera drone like the DJI Mini 3 or Mini 4 Pro. Here are some areas where the Mini 4K falls flat compared to DJI’s higher-end models.

  • Image quality: The Mini 4K’s camera sensor is smaller than what you’ll find in the other recently-released DJI drones. With that, expect less detail and poorer low-light performance. If you’re primarily posting on social media, the video quality differences shouldn’t matter, but someone sharing videos on a bigger screen should consider an upgrade.
  • Obstacle avoidance: Unlike the Mini 4 Pro, the Mini 4K lacks obstacle avoidance sensors. This means pilots need to be extra aware of their surroundings to avoid collisions.
  • Wind performance: Due to its lightweight design, the Mini 4K can be more susceptible to strong winds than heavier drones. And many common drone-flying spots, like beaches, can be surprisingly windy. Consider where you intend to fly, and if a more powerful drone would result in a better flying experience.

Overall, the DJI Mini 4K is a solid entry into the world of drone videography. Its combination of affordability, portability, and user-friendly features make it a great choice for beginners and experienced flyers alike. Just beware of the trade-offs in image quality, obstacle avoidance, and wind resistance.

Buy the DJI Mini 4K now from Amazon for just $299.

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