The biggest drone show companies in the world

As drone light shows grow in popularity, an increasing number of companies specializing in drone light show services are emerging to meet the growing demand.  

Drone light shows have emerged as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fireworks, offering visually stunning displays without environmental harm. And as more and more drone show companies pop up, compete with each other — and ultimately push the limits of creativity — we continue to see new and innovative ways to surprise viewers. If you need further proof, just watch these videos of the best drone light shows on display, to-date.

However, the high cost of a drone light show remains a huge barrier. Even the cheapest drone shows can cost north of $10,000. For example, Sky Elements show prices start at $15,000 for smaller shows.  A huge reason for high drone show costs has to do with the drones themselves.

Most drone shows entail at least 100 drones (but often many more). Considering that the cost per individual light show drone can easily run between $1,000 and $2,000 (and $1,000 generally assumes a DIY light show drone), it’s easy to see why drone light show companies charge so much.

The good news? Drones are a fixed, upfront cost. Unlike fireworks, which necessitate the purchase of a fresh batch of gunpowder for each show, drone shows don’t incur many ongoing costs beyond the cost of travel and compensation for staff running the show (and perhaps a few other fees, like venue rental fees or permitting fees). Given that, expect drone light shows to become more affordable — and more ubiquitous — in the years to come.

Here’s a closer look at drone show companies like Sky Elements and other big names. We’ve included their locations, notable performances, and — where available — the costs associated with their shows.

The Drone Girl guide to major drone show companies is sorted in alphabetical order. Here’s a deeper dive into those names:

BotLab Dynamics

Based in: New Delhi, India

Botlab Dynamics, an IIT Delhi-incubated startup, orchestrated the captivating 1,200-drone light show at the Narendra Modi stadium during the cricket World Cup final on Sunday. This spectacle wowed not only the nearly 100,000 spectators present but also the millions watching on screen. BotLab says it takes about a month for them to prepare for any given drone show. They have also set an Indian national record when they flew 3,500 drones at Rashtrapati Bhavan last year.


Based in: Bordeaux, France (USA, Dubai, UK)

Dronisos recently established their first American office, setting up a space in Orlando, FL because of the proximity to major theme parks. Drones have the ability to fly both indoor and outdoor and it is dedicated to delivering entertainment for theme parks around the world. Last year, they put on Europe’s biggest-ever drone show for Bastille Day celebrations at Disneyland Paris. Using 1,495 drones, the show took place above Sleeping Beauty Castle.  

Firefly Drone Shows

Based in: Detroit, Michigan 

Firefly is based in America, making it an ideal pick for businesses looking to support other American drone companies. They put on smaller-scale, simpler shows as opposed to multi-layered ones. Firefly is different from other competitors in the market because they’ll not only put on the show but also sell you what you need to put on a drone light show yourself. 


Based in: St. Petersburg, Russia

The Geoscan Drone Light Show has put on more than 100 shows. Also, they have a fleet of over 3,000 drones. Additionally, since their drones are under 250g there’s no need for permits. The prices for a Geoscan drone show depend on the details of the objects and their complexity, just a 100 drone show starts at $26,500.


Based in: Shenzhen, China

HighGreat has a complete drone manufacturing chain from product design, model, manufacturing, processing to product assembly. In 2017, the company created their drone performance leg of the company. Since then, they have had over 5,000 drone shows in over 300 cities, including the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. 


Based in: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Lumasky uses up to 7000 drones in their shows. Though it’s based in Dubai, Lumasky has been performing light shows all over the world since 2018. Among those most delightful shows? Lumasky put on a light show for McDonald’s Panama, which featured McDonald’s famous golden arches. Besides McDonald’s, Lumasky has worked with other big brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Formula 1, FIFA and Lexus.

Nova Sky Stories

Based in: Munich, Germany 

Nova Sky Stories has become one of the largest in the field after acquiring the Intel fleet. With over 9000 drones, they have an extensive portfolio, including collaborations for events like Formula 1 and music festivals​​. Recently, with the Oceanic Preservation Society they put on a drone show in NYC to draw attention to the global climate crisis and inspire action at scale.  

Sky Elements

Based in: Fort Worth, Texas

Another America based company, Sky Elements holds two Guinness World Records including “Largest Fictional Character made with a multi-rotors or drones” and “Largest aerial images made with multi-rotors of drones.” Their shows include a 400-drone light show at the 65th Grammy Awards​ and the Oakland Athletics Star Wars Light Show​. Check out Drone Girl’s saved instagram stories for a behind-a-scene look at the Oakland A’s Star Wars light show. Prices for a drone light show from SkyElements start at $15,000 for a smaller stock show to much higher amounts for larger, more intricate performances. 

Other notable shows in the Sky Elements portfolio include the drone light show for Serena Williams’ gender reveal party. Sky Elements also holds a Guinness World Record by producing 40 drone shows in a single weekend, which it did during the 2023 Fourth of July weekend.


Based in: Singapore (UK and USA)

SKYMAGIC has had some impressive clients, including the King. They were even included as part of the celebrations for the coronation of King Charles III. The drone show was the largest ever multi-location drone show in the UK.  They also put on that Pokemon drone show for Pikachu Weekend.


Based in: Seattle, Washington (U.S.A., Canada, and China) 

UVify is an American drone company based in Seattle that conducts R&D and manufacturing in Korea.

UVify’s IFO drone show won “Best LED Light Show Drone” award at LDI 2023. UVify also sells their drones to be used for other light shows, Sky Elements being their largest client.  The IFO model, which is designed for light shows, is priced at $1,700 per drone. This price includes the complete ground control systems, additional software, 24/7 support, and training. They’ve performed notable shows for events including a K-Pop concert and Hyundai’s annual countdown, showcasing their innovation and global reach​​.

Verge Aero

Based in: Austin, Texas

Verge Aero has been featured on events ranging from President Biden’s victory celebration to America’s Got Talent: Extreme to Macy’s 4th of July celebration in NYC. Verge Aero recently launched a new software tool, Verge Aero Composer. The software aims to make the drone show industry more accessible by allowing individuals to create their own drone shows—no technical experience required. 

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