3 female drone pilots on Instagram to follow right now

In the world of Instagram drone photography, the landscape has been predominantly male (after all, the majority of certified pilots are male). But this is rapidly changing as more and more female drone pilots emerge, bringing fresh perspectives and captivating content.

Here are three impressive female content creators on Instagram who use drones to capture their audiences. 

For FPV racing pilots on Instagram: Mako Reactra @makoreactra 

Mako Reactra, @makoreactra, creates content with FPV drones and has over 14,400 followers. Her content is a mix of real-life flying and simulator drone racing. With only 7.9% of all certified remote pilots being female, there are even fewer in the world of FPV racing. Mako hopes her FPV content shows girls and women that drone racing isn’t just for men. 

Mako’s racing drones are custom built and her sponsors provide me with gear, and she uses that to build, program, and repair her drones. When flying her FPV drones, live video is streamed to her FPV goggles from her drone camera, so it feels like she’s flying from the cockpit of the drone. 

When Mako isn’t flying FPV drones, she is teaching her 4th-grade students, who share the same love for drones. Their enthusiasm for drones led her to pursue and then win a STEM grant to bring drone education to the classroom. Mako is now teaching her students how to fly FPV drones

“I am usually the only female pilot at my local races,” said Mako in an interview with The Drone Girl, “If you watch drone racing on TV, you will not see females represented.” Mako hopes to inspire girls to pick up the radio and learn to fly. 

For those into hiking and nature views: Krystina Romeo @krystinawanders 

Krystina creates hiking and travel content with her drone. She enjoys showing off beautiful places and letting people know that if she can get to these places, they can too.

Her first and only drone is her trusty DJI Mini 3 Pro, which was recommended by another social media creator. 

Krystina remembers when she first got her drone she had no idea how to get the video content like the ones she saw online. She recalls, “I couldn’t figure out the remote, all my videos did not look like any of the ones I admired and I thought, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.” 

But after watching helpful tip videos and a lot of practicing, she now has over 4,000 followers who praise her content. 

“I never knew how few female drone pilots there were until I started using one,” remarked Krystina, “I would say, if you want to try it, go for it!”  

For those looking for drone tips and tricks: Sofi Khmara @sofi.khm

Sofi Khmara has over 8,000 followers and is a part 107 certified pilot based in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Sofi’s posts travel drone footage, tricks and trips for creating engaging content, and more. Recently, she posted a video sharing the best film and export settings for Instagram reels. 

Sofi flies with her DJI Mini 4 Pro and edits the majority of her videos with CapCut on her desktop. 

On top of being a content creator and drone pilot, Sofi is a professional photographer specializing in equestrian photography. But she also offers professional video services (with drone footage tied in, of course.) 

Sofi left NYC during the pandemic for North Carolina and has been exploring her passion and interests ever since. 

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