PanoVolo: an inexpensive way to make drone panorama photos in seconds

What’s a cheap, easy way to make drone panorama photos? That very well may be PanoVolo’s aerial photo stiching software.

Unlike generic panorama software, PanoVolo is tailored specifically to turning your drone photos into panoramas. And it’s a simple tool for anyone looking to expand their drone photography skills — as the software creates drone panoramas in seconds. 

The drone photography software launched in December 2023, but new versions seem to roll out on a regular basis.

While there are a lot of options for the best ways to make a panoramic photo with your drone, Panvolo ranks among the cheapest. Here’s your ultimate review of Panorama stitching software, so you can decide if it’s worth it to you.

PanoVolo cost (and how to justify whether it’s worth it)

PanoVolo costs $29.99 for a lifetime membership (with one year of updates included). With it comes state-of-the-art image analysis that uses the position and orientation saved by the drone to create geometrically accurate panoramic images. 

That said, the software has its limitations (which we’ll describe more below). However, the low price tag and easy-to-use guide make it ideal for new drone photographers. 

Using PanoVolo software

drone panorama photos software PanoVolo
Once uploaded, you can view the RAW images in PanoVolo

Before you can edit your photos, you’ll of course need to actually take panoramic images with your drone. When you are flying your drone, make sure you switch (typically on your controller) to save the RAW or JPEG originals of your panoramic photos. 

If you are flying a DJI drone, you will have to wait until your drone is flying to switch on this feature. Don’t be like me, who spent a whole afternoon shooting on my DJI Mini 3 Pro, only to come home to try to upload the photos to PanoVolo and receive a continuous error message. (I had failed to save the original images).

However, when I went back out and shot new photos, uploading them to PanoVolo was really quite simple. You can upload the photos from your SD memory card or straight from your computer in under a minute. The software offers multiple customization options and accommodates both DNG (RAW) and JPEG images.  

Once uploaded, the stitched drone panorama photos appear in the Pan Volo panorama viewer. PanoVolo uses optimized algorithms that combine the position and orientation information saved by the drone with image analysis to ensure that the stitched panoramas are visually stunning and geometrically accurate. 

With a simple click, your DNG or JPEG images can seamlessly switch from spherical, cylindrical, and stereographic (or ‘small planet effect’) images. Additionally, PanoVolo allows users to pinpoint the exact locations where images were captured on a 3D map. 

Depending on your original images, some orientations work better than others. I found the three vertical options (vertical spherical, vertical cylindrical, and vertical Mercator) to be great options for uploading your panorama on your Instagram story. 

Personally, I hate when you go to post a panorama of your story and there is space on the top and the bottom. This orientation allows you to still have everything you captured in your panorama and fits the whole story. 

Once you find the perfect orientation, saving the drone panorama photo to your computer or memory card is quite simple. 

Updates to PanoVolo

Some of the bugs do continue to be addressed.

Central point selection

A version launched in early 2024 added the panorama central point selective feature. This feature allows you to select a new central point around which the panorama can be re-orientated. 

It can be difficult to get your drone while in the air to be at the exact right angle. Given that, I found this feature beneficial. 

PanoVolo fixed the orientation so I could easily share my panorama with Drone Girl followers

Photo sphere viewer

In May 2024, PanoVolo gave us a built-in, interactive photo sphere viewer. With it, users can view fully spherical, 360-degree panoramas with interactive rotation and zoom controls immediately after stitching.

drone panorama photos PanoVolo software

Who is the PanoVolo software for?

You may be wondering: If my drone already has panorama shooting options, then why do I need PanoVolo? 

First, not all drones are compatible with this feature, like the Autel Evo Lite, for example. If your drone fits into this category, then it’s hard to pass up the PanoVolo software. 

If you are a skilled photographer who already uses the Adobe Suite, then this option is probably not for you. That software is far more robust. 

However, if you are new to drone photography, but not ready to spend the $232 per year for Adobe Photoshop, then PanoVolo is an affordable option. 

PanoVolo allows novice drone photographer to adapt their photos quickly and seamlessly. Plus, the software makes sharing on social media incredibly simple. 

Additionally, PanoVolo gives you the freedom to change the orientation of your panorama, no matter how you take it on your drone. Taking all those different panoramas straight from your drone would surely drain most of your battery and the spares. 

But if you are new to drone photography and eager to show off your photos on social media? Then spending $29.99 certainly seems worth it. 

drone panorama photos
A panorama photo I made!

It’s available on macOS 12 (Monterey) or newer, as well as Windows 10 or 11, 64-bit. Download PanoVolo here.

How do you prefer to make drone panorama photos? Tell us in the comments!

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