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Need a new job in 2024? These 9 drone companies have super compelling job openings (for more than just drone pilots)

If you’re looking for a new job in 2024, the drone industry is hiring. Sure, many drone companies have been crumbling of late.

PrecisionHawk is among the largest to shut down, declaring bankruptcy and closing its offices in Raleigh, North Carolina. But that single example (as a few others) hardly means the drone industry is struggling. In fact, the drone industry is set to grow.

According to drone analytics firm Drone Industry Insights, the drone market is set to grow to $54.6 billion by 2030. That’s a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1%.

“Spurred by developments from war zones to more reasonable drone legislation and BVLOS becoming easier, the drone economy across all sectors is simply going to keep growing,” said Mary-Lou Smulders, chief marketing officer at Dedrone. Dedrone builds counter-drone and drone detection technology, and it’s one of the many companies in the drone industry that is hiring.

Here at The Drone Girl, we’ve been poking around the listings for jobs in 2024 to find the companies that are hiring en masse, or simply have incredibly interesting job postings that readers like you might find interesting. Perhaps, they’re interesting enough to apply for.

So with that, here are 9 drone companies that either have tons of job listings posted right now, or that have opened some especially unique jobs in 2024. Or, in some cases, they’ve done both.

If you need a new drone job in 2024, start looking at the below companies:

drone job in 2024 GetFPV expert builder


Location: Sarasota, Florida

Job opening(s): Drone Builder, Electrical Engineer and Product Specialist

If building drones from sunny Florida sounds like a dream come true, it could be your reality. GetFPV, which is one of the leading retailers of FPV and racing drone gear, has a few interesting roles.

The Drone Builder and Electrical Engineer roles have been open for a while now, but the Product Specialist role was posted over the past month. In that role, you’d need to be an expert in all of the gear on GetFPV’s website, where you’d then write product descriptions, take their photos and market them. Sounds like a great kick for people with writing skills who live and breathe FPV and racing drones.

See the GetFPV jobs here.

Drone Pilot Ground School DroneGirl50 promo code

UAV Coach

Location: Nationwide

Job opening(s): Part-time flight instructor position

Here’s a great gig for a drone expert who is only looking for something part-time, or perhaps who wants to augment an existing gig with a side hustle.

UAV Coach, which is primarily known for its online Part 107 course, also offers in-person drone classes. You might end up being the teacher of one of them, should you land this neat gig. This is a part-time, independent contractor role. In it, you’ll likely teach 1-2 small group or private drone flying sessions, each lasting a few hours.

Learn how to apply for the UAV Coach gig here.

Aloft Air Aware FAA B4UFly app
Photo illustration by Aloft


Location: San Francisco or Remote

Job opening(s): Engineering

We’ve been more closely watching Aloft ever since we learned that Aloft would end its partnership with the FAA specifically around supporting its B4UFly app. Why? To instead build out a new (and supposedly better) app called Air Aware.

Air Aware is set to be a robust app that offers drone pilots real-time insights of the airspace they’re flying in before, during, and after drone operations. It was created in a partnership with Pilot Institute. Pilot Institute runs online courses centered around drones and airplanes. They’re primarily designed to help students pass the Part 107 test or the Private Pilot exam.

Plans for such a robust app call for engineering talent. Given that, there are nearly a dozen open engineering roles, either in-person at its San Francisco headquarters or remote.

Check out the Aloft job openings here.

Adam Bry, Skydio CEO and Co-Founder, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks tour Skydio’s drone manufacturing facility in Hayward, California. (Photo: Sierra Sarino, Skydio)


Location: San Mateo, California and Boston, Massachusetts

Job opening(s): Dozen across R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales

Skydio is one of the most compelling drone companies we’re following in 2024. Even Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks is watching it. Skydio made a huge overhaul to its business plan this summer when it announced it would shut down its consumer drone arm to instead focus on building drones and related products for enterprise and defense industries. 

That’s clearly led to dozens of job openings, most of which are based in its headquarters in San Mateo, California, which is a suburb of San Francisco. There are jobs for almost any skill set, ranging from software and hardware engineers to factory jobs. There are also open roles in marketing and sales.

See the open Skydio roles here.

Mitt Romney Teal drone
Senator Mitt Romney visits Teal’s factory in Utah. Photo courtesy of Red Cat.


Location: South Salt Lake, Utah

Job opening(s): Engineering and design

Teal has followed a similar path to Skydio, ditching its visions of consumer drones in favor of building industrial and military drones. Its flagship product is Teal 2, a drone designed to fly at night (which is critical for military operations).

Its parent company, Red Cat, is expecting major growth in 2024. It even managed to catch Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s attention.

At the end of December 2023, it posted three open roles: Embedded Linux Software Engineer, Senior Mechanical Engineer and CAD Librarian/PCB Layout Designer.

See Teal’s job openings roles here.

Zipline NHS
Photo courtesy of Zipline.


Location: U.S. (California; Washington, D.C.; Bentonville, Arkansas; Concord, North Carolina), Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda

Job opening(s): Dozen across engineering, manufacturing, finance, flight operations and more. Internships also available.

Zipline earned the title of largest drone delivery company in 2023. If the dozens of Zipline job openings are any indication, it’ll maintain that title into 2024. 

Zipline first started using drones to make deliveries in 2016, where it transported blood and medical products through Rwanda. It quickly grew to offer deliveries in other developing countries, though it has also recently expanded to offer delivery service in the U.S., too.

Zipline made some major improvements in March 2023 when it  launched an all new drone delivery platform called Platform 2 (P2). P2 was a game changer in making its drones easier to load while also allowing them to remain farther away from people (which subsequently makes them seem quieter). Other recent Zipline news includes a partnership with Europe’s National Health Service, which is the largest employer in Europe.

Currently it’s got all sorts of open roles around the U.S., which include its South San Francisco headquarters. There are also roles open near some of Zipline’s early service sites including Abuja, Nigeria; Nairobi, Kenya; Accra, Ghana and Kigali, Rwanda.

See the open Zipline roles here.

Photo courtesy of Wing

Wing (sibling company of Google)

Location: U.S. (Palo Alto, California; Dallas, Texas; Bentonville, Arkansas; Canberra, Australia)

Job opening(s): Drone pilot, engineer, marketing, people, legal and finance. Internships also available.

In an attempt to keep pace with Zipline, Wing is also hiring. Wing is Zipline’s closest competitor, though it primarily operates its drone flights in Canberra, Australia and Dallas, Texas. It also happens to be hiring drone pilot roles in those places.

While there aren’t quite as many open positions, it has some interesting roles, including internships.

Like Zipline, Wing transformed its operations in 2023. Also in March, it launched a new piece of hardware called Autoloader, designed to support the Wing Delivery Network. The Wing Delivery Network makes it easier for drones to pick up, drop off, travel, and charge in whatever pattern makes the most sense for the entire system.

Learn more about Wing’s job openings here.


Location: Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas and Austin, Texas and India

Job opening(s): Drone pilots and data analysts

Zeitview made big waves just about this time last year. In January 2023, the company known as DroneBase underwent a rebrand to become Zeitview. While committed to being an aerial data analytics company, the rebrand meant that Zeitview was able to expand beyond just drones.

At the time, it also announced a new $55 million funding round. That’s likely been a key factor in enabling Zeitview to post so many new roles. Many, such as the Dallas-based Drone Pilot & Field Data Capture Specialist gig, are perfectly-suited to Part 107-certified pilots.

Zeitview also has a bunch of open roles in India, which is not surprisingly considering it acquired India-based drone company AirProbe back in 2021.

Learn more about Zeitview’s open roles here.


Location: Kassel, Germany; Phoenix, Arizona; Sterling, Virginia

Job opening(s): Engineering, product and business operations

Dedrone might be considered an anti-drone company, depending on who you ask. Its employees, though, are called Dronies. Dedrone builds hardware and software for airspace security. That includes AI-driven software in tandem with sensors and effectors — all to detect, track, identify and mitigate drones flying in places that they shouldn’t be.

See the open Dedrone jobs here.

Know of any other interesting drone jobs in 2024? Share them in the comments and help the community land a new drone job in 2024!

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