2024 Online Drone Courses – The Drone Girl’s Picks

Whether you’re a drone enthusiast aiming to turn a hobby into a business, a photographer looking to expand your skills, or an educator seeking STEM courses, our guide delves into the top-rated drone courses of 2024.

Our 2024 online drone course guide has something for everyone, at various price ranges. Plus, you may just mind a great gift for the drone enthusiast in your life.

Best Part 107 Courses

Interested in earning money from your drone hobby? Then, taking the FAA’s Part 107 UAS Aeronautical Knowledge Test, commonly known as the Part 107 test, is essential. Passing this test is a legal requirement for flying drones commercially in the U.S.

While challenging, especially for those new to aviation, it’s entirely learnable through several online prep courses. 

Find out my recommendations for the best part 107 online test prep courses of 2024. 

Our top pick for Part 107 online course is Drone Pilot Ground School, which helped Sally, the Drone Girl, pass on her first attempt. The course varies in price from $299-$525, with package options tailored to different learning styles. Use coupon code DRONEGIRL50 for a $50 discount.

For practice tests, consider Peltier Photo’s 270-question Prime Practice Test

Then again, there are in-person study options for those who prefer a more hands-on approach. Here is a guide to choosing what style is right for you.

Best Drone Mapping Courses

Most pilots launch their businesses by using drones to take standard, visual images for relatively simply use cases like real estate photography. But the real money is in enterprise and commercial work, like modeling and mapping.

So how do you learn how to do that? Consider a drone mapping class.

You can find great drone mapping classes online for less than $500, including the $499 UAV Coach’s Drone Mapping Essentials. The Drone Launch Academy ‘Mapping and Modeling Fundamentals’ course is even cheaper, at $399.

If you like the accountability of a live instructor, you might spring more for a virtual yet live drone mapping course such as the Aerial Mapping and Modeling Live Virtual Workshop from DARTdrones.

See my entire guide to the best online drone mapping courses of 2024.

Best Drone Photography and Videography Courses

For those aiming to professionalize their drone photography, numerous online courses are available. A standout is the Drone Adventurer Masterclass, offering a comprehensive guide on drone photography and videography. Priced around $300, but you can use this link for a $50 coupon code automatically applied at checkout. 

Check out our list of best online drone photo courses of 2024. 

Best DIY Courses for Drone Building, Coding, and More

There are typically two types of drone enthusiasts, those who love to fly to capture beautiful images (see above) and those who fly to understand the how. If you fall in the second category, there are plenty of options for you to explore.

Drone Dojo’s Blue Belt Membership, at $27 monthly, caters to enthusiasts interested in building and programming drones. They also offer a Raspberry Pi Drone Kit, providing all the necessary components for building a Raspberry Pi drone. 

Other build-your-own drone options include this Beginner DIY FPV drone kit. For a more kid-friendly option, check out TECHVIEW Mini drone for Kids.

Best Course for Aspiring Private Pilot License Holders

Moving forward to acquire a Private Pilot License (PPL) is an exciting step in your aviation journey. While there are similarities between the knowledge required for the Part 107 test, obtaining a PPL involves additional learning and skills

The PPL demands a more comprehensive understanding of aviation, including more in-depth knowledge of aircraft operation, navigation, weather, and aviation regulations specific to manned aircraft. 

For drone pilots aspiring to obtain a Private Pilot License (PPL), the Pilot Institute’s ‘Private Pilot Made Easy’ course is an excellent choice. Offering lifetime access and a pass guarantee, it features 35 hours of video content. A more budget-friendly option is their ‘Checkride Made Easy’ course.

Best STEM Courses for Kids

There are tons of drone-based education content designed for kids (and adults!). Many are even free or available online.

World of Drones Education is a leading resource for drone-based STEM education, suitable for children aged 10-16.  The web portal offers learning supplements such as a blog, vlog, podcast and webinar platform.

For high-school students interested in a drone career, Drone Pilot Ground School offers comprehensive training. Plus, they offer a scholarship that awards recipients free access to their course and reimbursement for the $150 FAA exam fee. Apply here.  Without the scholarship, the course costs $199, but a $50 discount is available with the code DRONEGIRL50.