Drone children’s book series from La’Quata Sumter targets safety 

It’s never too early to enter into the wonderful world of drones. And sure, it may be too early to enter the world of piloting drones. But a series of three books by Dr. La’Quata Sumter allows kids to engage with drones — no Part 107 drone pilot’s license necessary.

The books are titled “Flying Drones with Jaxon”, “Noelin’s Drone Safety Adventure” and “Dronology: The Complete Guide” and are written by Dr. La’Quata Sumter. Sumter is the founder and CEO of Focusing on Me Inc.

Sure, there are many excellent drone children’s books, but what sets these books apart is their focus on safety. And while anyone — kid or adult — likely might not be naturally interested in safety, the book’s strong visuals and captivating narratives make the topic of drone safety engaging.

We were sent the three books, “Flying Drones with Jaxon”, “Noelin’s Drone Safety Adventure” and “Dronology: The Complete Guide” to review. As a former educator and current drone enthusiast, I was excited to get my hands on these books. 

Here is a breakdown of what’s inside each of the drone books, plus what sort of audience each book might be best suited for:

A page from “Flying Drones with Jaxon”

Flying Drones with Jaxon

“Flying Drones with Jaxon” offers potential drone pilots a quick guide to drone technology with kid-friendly language. This book covers drone terms, along with some drone laws and regulations. 

Clear visuals and simple wording make new concepts easy to understand. The book dedicates whole pages to teaching science terms like drag, thrust, weight, and lift. The words help readers understand how drones work but are also helpful terminology for any reader interested in STEAM technology. 

The book is marketed for grades 3rd through 6th grade, however, I would say even drone enthusiasts as young as 5 years old would be able to learn something about drones. 

This is also a great book for any STEAM elementary school educators. Additionally, the book highlights careers in the drone industry. Plus, inserts test the learner’s knowledge of drone technology, with mini writing prompts and quizzes about the book. And as a former educator, I was also grateful for pre-made activities! 

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A page from “Noelin’s Drone Safety Adventure”

Noelin’s Drone Safety Adventure 

“Noelin’s Drone Safety Adventure” is about the story of Noelin who receives his first drone and his drone adventures that follow.

Noelin receives his drone from his auntie, a drone pilot, who teaches him about drone safety. Noelin then teaches all his friends about drone safety as they fly his new drone together. 

Unlike the other two books from Dr. La’Quata Sumter, this book uses traditional storytelling to ignite curiosity, while still keeping safety knowledge front and center. 

It is not easy to write a captivating children’s book that also teaches children. However, by keeping the story short and focusing on one important topic (safety) the author, Dr. La’Quata Sumter does just that. 

This book is marketed for children grades 3rd through 6th, but “Noelin’s Drone Safety Adventure” is an excellent companion gift to children of any age, who might receive their first drone. 

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A page from “Droneology: The Complete Guide”

Droneology: The Complete Guide 

“Droneology” is the most detailed and in-depth drone book of the three. The book covers everything from the anatomy of a drone to drone laws and regulations. 

The book is geared for children in grades 6th and up. However, if your child has a deep interest in drones, this is an excellent resource for anyone as young as 7 years old. 

“Droneology” is broken into mini-chapters and following each chapter there is a mini-quiz. Again, this is a handy resource for any STEAM educators who may be looking for books for their classrooms. 

The book highlights important FAA rules, like registering drones that weigh over 250 grams. Dr. La’Quata Sumter breaks the FAA rules down into simple-to-understand bullet points. I can’t imagine many 6th graders are reading FAA regulations, so this helpful breakdown is incredibly available to younger pilots. 

The book even recommends popular drones with breakdowns of each, like the DJI Mini 3 Pro and the DJI Mini 2

“Droneology: The Complete Guide” is a great book for STEAM educators or any beginner pilot who is serious about learning more about the world of drones. 

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You can find all three of Dr. La’Quata Sumter’s drone books on Amazon or Steamthrudrones.com
Are you a STEAM educator who plans to use these books from Dr. La’Quata Sumter in your classroom? Let us know! And while you are at it, check out how to book a drone expert speaker for your classroom

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