DJI Osmo Action accessories

New Osmo Action accessories put extreme sports at forefront

The DJI Osmo Action is a small, portable action camera designed to compete with GoPro. And while GoPro far outpaces any other action camera maker in terms of market share — not to mention most reviewers place GoPro above all others in terms of best action cameras — some new Osmo Action accessories put out by DJI this month might give it a leg up.

Among the new Osmo Action accessories that are compatible with all iterations of Osmo that were announced this month are:

Most of these new accessories have adventure in mind. With that backpack strap mount, you might  attach it to your backpack when hiking for an FPV-style view of your trek. Meanwhile, the curved adhesive base kit is something you’d likely secure to a bike helmet, which has a quick-release adapter mount.

As far as a bite mount? Well, that one is exactly what it sounds like — you hold it in your mouth. You’d likely use it in situations where you couldn’t hold the camera but want that POV shot, like surfing or biking. And there is a neck lanyard, so you don’t necessarily have to hold onto it in your mouth through the entire action — just the pieces you want to capture on film. And in case you’re worried about putting bizarre plastics in your mouth, DJI says the bite mount is made of durable food-grade materials.

All of these items cost less than $40, and most cost less than $20, making for a great gift for DJI fans or a low-cost new accessory to mix up (and level up) the way you film with your action camera.

New accessories solely for the DJI Osmo Action 3

And then DJI also announced some accessories that are compatible only with the Osmo Action 3, which is the newest model that launched in February 2023. They are:

At the time of the Osmo Action 3 launch, there were a few accessories designed with action sports in mind, including a magnetic Ball-Joint adapter mount, as well as various mounts for chest straps, surfboards, handlebars and helmets. Now with this launch, there are more options for how to mount your Action 3 — each of which costs less than $50.

The Osmo Action Mini Extension Rod means you’d hold the camera with what’s essentially a less-annoying selfie stick mounted with a ball-joint design. The Osmo Action 360° Wrist Strap means you hold the camera, but only kind of, as it’s on your hand or wrist. If you don’t want your Osmo Action 3 on your body, you might put it on your bike. You could use the Osmo Action Mini Handlebar Mount to attach the camera to a handlebar via a ball-joint design and Quick-Release Adapter Mount, which makes it easy to mount the camera and adjust the shooting angle.

Then, DJI also announced one more accessory in a different vein. It’s not a mount like these other ones, but rather a means of leveling up your film quality. That’s thanks to the $59 Osmo Action ND Filter Kit specific to the Osmo Action 3. It includes ND 8/16/32 filters, which you’d likely use for capturing sports at high noon when the sun is bright and thus casts shadows (or in other brightly lit scenarios).

Those add on to the existing lineup of compatible DJI Osmo Action 3 accessories, which include other sports-specific mounts such as a Chest Strap Mount, Handlebar Mount, Diving Accessory Kit, Suction Cup Mount, Helmet Chin Mount, and Surfing Tethers.

Mounting accessories to the Osmo Action 2 and 3

Most of all these mounts can be attached directly to Osmo Action 3 via the quick-release locking clip. You might also use third-party action camera accessories, which are generally connected via the quick-release adapter mount (yes, third parties have already been making their own versions of many of the same mounts announced this month, but use at your own risk as DJI doesn’t guarantee their compatibility).

What’s also unique specific to both the Osmo Action 2 and now the 3 is its unique, modular design that can hold accessories together via magnetism, whether it be mounts or power modules. Once connected via magnetism, the locks snap on upon which you have to manually unclasp the locks to remove your modular accessories, ensuring they only come off if you want them too.

DJI Osmo Action 3 action camera bicycle
The DJI Osmo Action 3

As far as getting your hands on the Osmo Action 3 itself, it’s available for purchase in a few different configurations (which already include a few of the accessories). They are:

  • Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo ($329): Includes Osmo Action 3, one Osmo Action 3 Extreme Battery, the Osmo Action 3 Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame, the Osmo Action 3 Quick-Release Adapter Mount, and the Osmo Flat Adhesive Base
  • Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo ($439): Includes Osmo Action 3, three Osmo Action 3 Extreme Batteries, the Osmo Action 3 Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame, two Osmo Action 3 Quick-Release Adapter Mounts, one Osmo Flat Adhesive Base, and the Osmo Action 3 Multifunctional Battery Case.

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Do you have an Osmo? Or have you purchased a GoPro instead? Leave your comments about whether these new Osmo Action accessories change the game for you below!

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