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Intro to drones class? Here’s the ultimate getting started experience

So you just got a drone, or you’re considering getting one — either because you want to fly for fun, or are potentially considering launching your own drone small business (or incorporating a drone into your existing business). With that, you’re probably seeking an intro to drones.

I pride myself in the free resources I offer to drone pilots, beginning with my guide to getting started with drones, leading into my 4-part series of the most common “getting started” aspects of drones, which you can find here:

Beyond that, you can use the search box in the top right corner of my website to enter queries (and likely find an article I’ve written with an answer to your question). And you can also contact me in hopes that your question is answered in my ongoing Ask Drone Girl series. But I don’t have time, sadly, to answer everyone (as I need to make time to report on the news around drone policy and new products) as I get hundreds of emails!

And even still, my free resources can’t help everyone, whether it’s people strapped for time and energy who don’t want to sift through online web pages and would rather pay to get the exact answers they need, or for folks who have more challenging flight situations than average.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be partnering with Drone Pilot Ground School in the launch of their latest online course, this one designed to be an intro to drones. Called Drone Pilot Skill Builder, consider this the ultimate resource for 1:1 support around your personal drone flying experience.

Drone Pilot Skill Builder UAV Coach Drone Pilot Ground School intro to drones

What to know about the Drone Pilot Skill Builder intro to drones course

New in summer 2023 is what’s called Drone Pilot Skill Builder, an online course that answers all these questions for new drone pilots with little flight experience as of yet, but who want to sharpen their skills in an efficient way that covers everything — and keeps all the information in one place.

The course launched in June, and is priced at just $99 between now and July 7, upon which prices will go up.

It’s an online course that’s self-paced, so you can dive in and out of the topic areas you need to learn about, and that include:

  • Where you can legally fly drones
  • How to do airspace research
  • How to plan drone flights
  • Honing your drone piloting skills using flight exercises
  • Understanding your drone’s intelligent flight modes
  • Troubleshooting & emergency procedures

The drone also scratches the surface on areas you very well might dig deeper into in the future, such as improving your drone photography skills, or understanding what you need to do to get a drone pilot’s license.

With it, you’ll get 16 video lectures plus tons of other resource links to websites, recommended products and software should you want to learn more. And because it promises one-on-one support, it could very likely the best intro to drones outlet for most people who want to be the safest, most efficient or responsible pilots out there — and who value having all that information neatly packaged in one place.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll see when you join the course:

Drone Pilot Skill Builder is an online course created by the same folks who run the Drone Pilot Ground School also offer a Part 107 test prep course, which comes recommended as my top Part 107 online test prep course (not to mention one of the biggest).

I’m excited to be partnering with UAV Coach founder Alan Perlman, who launched his own business in 2014 — just a year after I did in 2013. He’s the ultimate drone teacher, having taught hands-on drone flight training classes, trained a UAV Coach team of 30 flight instructors nationwide and also led the Part 107 exam prep course. Now, he’s leading this new Drone Pilot Skill Builder intro to drones class too.

And while I like to think my website provides everything drone pilots know to get started, the reality is that drone flying can be overwhelming and comes with so many moving parts that are up in the air — quite literally. Perlman’s latest product feels like the perfect pairing if you’re new to the industry and seeking a smart intro to drones.

The course costs $99 between now and July 7. And, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Sign up for Drone Pilot skill Builder here.

Drone Pilot Skill Builder UAV Coach Drone Pilot Ground School intro to drones

What about in-person drone flying lessons?

While the new Drone Pilot Skill Builder course is designed for folks learning how to fly, it’s definitely not a replacement for in-person drone flying lessons. And in fact, UAV Coach offers that too.

 UAV Coach runs two to three hour, personal drone flight lessons for individuals or small groups. The trainings are offered in more than 20 cities around the U.S. including Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Denver, Chicago and — not too far from you — in Gaithersburg, Maryland (view all the available cities here).

Right now the company has about 30 flight instructors spread across the country, though Perlman says he is actively hiring more, adding that it’s a key growth area.

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