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These two free eBooks are an easy way to improve your drone photography

Inflation is making pretty much everything more expensive, and recession fears certainly aren’t doing anything to help. But here’s a freebie for drone photographers, which should come as especially welcome within this already-expensive hobby: two free eBooks.

The free eBooks are written by Johan Vandenhecke, who does all things drone photography; he takes aerial photos for hire, he organizes drone photo trips, and he runs an online drone class called Drone Adventurer Masterclass+.

(By the way, Drone Adventurer Masterclass+ came in at the top spot in my ranking of best drone photo courses for 2023. Because of that, Vandenhecke is able to offer Drone Girl readers $50 off the course using promo code SALLY50.)

What are the free eBooks?

For now, there are two free eBooks. The first is a bit more broad and offers 10 general tips to improve drone photography.

The second one could be applicable even to drone pros. It’s an eBook filled with 10 basic and easy steps in Lightroom to improve your drone photography. Lightroom is an image organization and image manipulation software from Adobe, and it’s generally seen as the gold standard of photo editing software among the pros. Vandenhecke’s eBook is particularly interesting because it’s not just about Lightroom, but it’s about Lightroom specific to drones. That means more tips around editing skies, wide-angles and high-up landscapes.

So what’s the catch? There’s just one: more stuff in your email inbox. In order to download the eBooks, you must hand over your email. That in turn will automatically subscribe you to the Johan Drone Adventures newsletter. The newsletter is actually delightful, providing ongoing photography inspiration and tips.

But few people ever say, “I really wish I got more emails.” If you’re trying to cut down on superfluous emails, I recommend creating a burner email account for this, and other such offers.

About the drone eBook author

Author Johan Vandenhecke is based in Belgium, and primarily works as a freelance brand and business aerial photographer. But his ambitions really escalated during the pandemic as he seized the opportunity of forced stay at home time to launch his online drone course.

His courses, books and tips are primarily best for DJI pilots, as his first drone was the DJI Mavic Air. He then upgraded to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, but recently in 2023 upgraded to the DJI Mavic 3 Classic drone, which is the cheaper version of the DJI Mavic 3 drone (and my pick for best drone for professional photographers).

And when you’re looking for more than just the free eBooks, considering going all in with the Drone Adventurer Masterclass+ online photo course. Don’t forget to use promo code SALLY50 to save $50 (it’ll automatically apply with that link).

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