NestGen’23 – the Drone Autonomy Summit

Grab free tickets to DJI’s keynote at NestGen 2023 — but hurry

The NestGen 2023 virtual summit is set for Thursday, Feb. 23. And if you reserve your tickets this week, you can tune in for free.

This year’s NestGen 2023 virtual summit is shaping up to be one worth participating in for one big reason: DJI is both the title sponsor and the keynote presenter. During DJI’s keynote, the company is set to reveal details about its vision for the next generation of autonomous drone operations, the future of visual data acquisition and its role in driving the global adoption of drone docks.

The DJI Dock. Photo courtesy of DJI.

DJI in March 2022 released its DJI Dock, which is a 90 kg autonomous docking and recharging station. It’s an epic, smart box that can charge the DJI M30 series of drones, and then automatically send the drone off into the skies, as programmed through FlightHub 2. The Dock has a climate-controlled interior, is rated at IP55 and the core internal components are IP67, and it’s waterproof and dustproof even when it is open.

Especially for enterprise operations, systems like DJI Dock are set to be the next step in pushing autonomy even further — and that’s largely set to be a big focus of this virtual conference

What to know about the NestGen 2023 virtual summit

Tickets for the virtual summit are $25, but if you register now you can tune in for free. Between now and Feb. 15, 2023, Early-Bird registration is just $0 (register here). The one-day event will of course dig into more than just DJI Dock, but will also explore BVLOS operations, regulatory landscape, drone delivery, and various applications such as construction, security, utility inspections, energy and power distribution.

There are more than 45 expert speakers on the topic covering about 30 sessions total. Other speakers include Jackie Dujmovic, CEO of Hover UAV; Karin Hollerbach, Managing Director at Aerodyne ASG GmbH; Dawn Zoldi, Founder of P3 Tech Consulting, co-host of the Full Crew podcast and organizer of The 2023 Law-Tech Connect Workshop; and Philip Binks, Head of ATM at Altitude Angel.

All sessions will be streamed live between 09:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. UTC (that’s 4:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET). Learn even more about NestGen, including the full agenda and speaker lineup, here.

NestGen’23 – the Drone Autonomy Summit NestGen 2023

The conference is put on by Flytbase, which is a India-based enterprise drone automation platform to power large scale deployments of intelligent autonomous UAV fleets. Its flagship product, FlytNow, is a web-based software for the automation of routine missions using drone docks.

Curious about what other 2023 drone events are happening this year? The NestGen 2023 virtual summit is among about a dozen great drone events happening around the world this year that I’ve highlighted in my continuously-updated 2023 events page. Whether you’re looking for an excuse to go on vacation somewhere and merge it with a business trip for your drone business, or you’re just looking to learn something new and connect with other folks interested in drones, there are tons of great 2023 drone events to check out.

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