Drone Dojo pivots to monthly subscription model

Disney+ did it successfully. Folks love their Amazon Prime. And now beloved online drone building course Drone Dojo joining the ranks of those companies by pivoting to a monthly subscription model.

Drone Dojo is known for a number of DIY-style drone building and computer coding courses. Drone Dojo courses include “How to build a Raspberry Pi drone,” “How to program a drone using Python,” and a deep-dive, capstone-type course on “Precision Landing and Drone Delivery.”

Up until now, each course ranged in price from roughly $100 to $400. You’d buy it once and have access for life. But now, Drone Dojo is a subscription service, and it’s set to be a lot more affordable.

Instead of purchasing the course outright, Drone Dojo now allows you to join what’s called its Blue Belt Membership, which costs $27 per month.

Complete the course in a month, and what used to be a $400 course would now just cost you $27. And it’s not just one course. You could have otherwise purchased all of Drone Dojo’s courses, but now you could theoretically complete them all in one month and have paid just $27. Blue Belt Membership also includes access to all Drone Dojo projects, like 4G drone control, voice assistant robot control, and flying your drone indoors.

Blue Belt Membership also gets you other benefits including $30 off any drone or rover kit, Discord access and an entry in a monthly drawing, among other benefits.

And that $27 Blue Belt Membership is potentially even cheaper than $27. Drone Dojo is running a wildly good deal where your first month is now just $1 (subsequent months will revert to $27 per month).

But jump on that $1 deal, as it’s set to end on Feb. 11, 2023 at midnight. Subscriptions started after that will cost $27 per month. There are also prepaid options (with more freebies), so if you pay for, say, 9 months, you get three more months free (that’s 12 months for the price of 9).

Check out the $1 Drone Dojo subscription deal here.

What is Drone Dojo, and who is it for?

Drone Dojo is run by Caleb Berquist, who works as a DevOps engineer at a software company by day and moonlights as a DIY-drone guru. 

His courses are designed for all sorts of folks curious about drones. They teach you how to build a drone from scratch, and how to program a drone to make it truly autonomous. The Drone Dojo courses even teach you how to build an entire business based on fully autonomous drones that depends on precision landing, like drone delivery.

Besides courses, Drone Dojo also sells ready-made kits, such as the beloved Raspberry Pi Drone Kit. That kit removes the headache of having to find your own parts. With it, every single item required to build a Raspberry Pi drone (as described in the How to build a Raspberry Pi drone course) is included.

Check out my review of Drone Dojo’s Raspberry Pi drone kit here.

Jump on the deal before Feb. 11 to get the $1 Drone Dojo subscription deal here before it jumps up to $27.

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