Skydio discount code 2023

Skydio discount code: Save $50 this winter

January can feel dark and cold (it certainly is here in San Francisco), but my neighbors over at Skydio are making it better thanks to a Skydio discount code.

The Silicon Valley dronemaker (they’re based just down the road from me in Redwood City, California) is offering up Drone Girl readers a tidy little $50 discount off any Skydio 2+ drone kit purchased through its website. Simply enter Skydio discount code “DroneGirl” to get in on the deal.

Okay, okay, it’s not quite as good as the Skydio Black Friday 2022 sale, which offered $200 off its Skydio 2+ kits. But it’s the best deal you’ll find on drones right now, and it’s definitely the best deal we’ve seen so far in 2023.

Considering ongoing inflation means the prices of pretty much everything else is rising, it could be a wise move to jump on this deal now.

All the drones eligible for the $50 discount when you use promo code DroneGirl are:

The DroneGirl Skydio promo code also only works for orders placed directly through Skydio’s website. While Skydio finally launch its Amazon storefront last year, the promo code won’t apply there. And for what it’s worth, the only drone available on Amazon right now is the priciest kit of them all, the Skydio 2+ Pro Kit (though Skydio also claims the Pro Kit is its best-seller).

Another benefit of shopping with Skydio versus Amazon is that you’re eligible to purchase a two-year Skydio Care Plan, which is an add-on to the automatic Skydio 2+ Limited Warranty that all customers get with their drone.

Use Skydio discount code DroneGirl and get in on the Skydio sale here.

The Skydio Dock

What’s new with Skydio?

These days, Skydio is launching into smarter, more-powerful enterprise drones. In December, Skydio launched an all new product line which includes Skydio Dock and Skydio Dock Lite, powered by Skydio’s new Remote Ops software.

These cloud-connected base stations for drones are designed to enable drones to work remotely and autonomously, an excellent use case for projects like site inspection and monitoring, mapping, and situational awareness. It takes the drone-in-a-box style that has become familiar in recent years and made it far cheaper and more automated, enabling Skydio drones housed in the Dock (or Dock Lite) to take-off with a single off-site operator, or autonomously, at a fraction of the cost, size, and complexity of existing solutions. To get access to that, you’ll have to contact Skydio directly — no online shopping with a $50 promo code for that one.

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