Skydio Black Friday 2022

Skydio Black Friday 2022 sale starts ridiculously early this year

The holidays seem to start earlier and earlier each year (yes, I definitely saw Christmas trees up before Halloween just last week). But here’s a case of an ultra-early holiday that is certainly highly welcome: the Skydio Black Friday 2022 sale has already started.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Skydio 2+ drone, this sale entails the best price we’ve seen on the follow-me drone yet.

As part of the Skydio Black Friday 2022 sale, you’ll save $200 on all Skydio 2+ Kits. Thus, you’ll see the biggest savings on the normally-$1,099 Skydio 2+ Starter Kit. This month, it’s just $899, which is an 18% discount.

Skydio Black Friday 2022

All the drones eligible for the Skydio Black Friday 2022 sale are:

The Black Friday promo is only available for new orders placed at While Skydio did recently launch an Amazon storefront, there are no discounts to be had over there. You’ll have to shop direct to get in on this deal. For what it’s worth, the only drone available on Amazon right now is the priciest Skydio 2+ Kit anyway (that’s the Skydio 2+ Pro Kit).

That said, shopping direct typically puts more money in Skydio’s pocket, rather than giving a cut to a third-party like Amazon. And when you shop with Skydio, you’ll also get free shipping (drones ship from Skydio within three to five business days), and Skydio allows for returns made within 30 days.

When you shop with Skydio, you’re also eligible to purchase a two-year Skydio Care Plan, which is a supplement to the existing Skydio 2+ Limited Warranty, which comes with your drone.

Shop the Skydio Black Friday 2022 sale here.

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