Full Crew podcast episode

Catch me on this week’s Full Crew podcast

In case you missed it, yours truly was on Episode 5 of the newest drone talk show you can find out there, the Full Crew podcast.

The episode aired live on Monday, July 11, but you can rewatch it now on YouTubeTwitch, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or as downloadable audio on Spotify, Apple, and Google platforms.

In Season 1, Episode 5 of the Full Crew podcast, I join host Mike Pehel, guest host Toni Drummond, and guest Ramon Roche, who is General Manager for the Dronecode Foundation. (Each week features one to two guests from various tech industries, which is where Roche and I come in.) In this edition of the weekly podcast, there are a few current events we hone in on.

Full Crew podcast episode

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There’s the news that Zipline received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 air carrier certification to operate in the U.S. Speaking of medical deliveries, there’s a separate report of drones delivering chemotherapy. But a Mercatus report looks at how prepared some states are for drone delivery versus others, factoring in criteria including current laws, job openings and availability of task forces or program offices — finding that some states are wildly unprepared.

Separately, we discuss how drone light shows are all the rage this summer, including a Dronecode drone light show that served as nighttime entertainment for the PX4 Developer Summit 2022, which was put on by Roche himself.

And while the podcast is mostly about drones, it’s impossible to ignore the related tech — AI, other robots, etc. Thus, we also discover why people hate Uber. Beyond the scandals and privacy fouls, a big problem is that formerly low (subsidized) prices are back up — and no longer subsidized. With that in mind, it’ll be interesting to see how much companies charge for drone delivery. For now, Walmart drone deliveries are offered at a fixed delivery fee of $3.99. Meanwhile, Google-sibling Wing displays fees in the app, which vary by location. But sometimes — especially when Wing launches in a new area — deliveries are free.

So if you’re ready to give it a listen, tune in! Rewatch it now via YouTubeTwitch, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Apple, and Google platforms.

The full, roughly hour-long video version can be watched right here:

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