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Every drone discount I can get you right now

A lot of strangers ask me to hook them up with free drones (I don’t even get free drones, so no!). After all, The Drone Girl should mean access to free drones, no?! While I definitely can’t hook you up with a free drone, I can hook you up with Drone Girl-exclusive discounts on some of my favorite products. And considering inflation is roaring, interest rates are high and your 401(k) is probably not exactly soaring, getting a drone discount is likely more crucial than ever.

So I took my powers of sorts as Drone Girl to work with some of the biggest names in drones. They know you readers are some of the most dedicated and thoughtful pilots, entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry — so they want you as customers, too. As a thank you for being my reader, myself and the following companies are able to provide exclusive promo codes and other drone discounts.

I’ll also be transparent; when you patronize the below businesses, it helps me too — either as an affiliate commission, or to show advertisers that their sponsorship of my site is worthwhile! I don’t charge readers (that’s you) for anything on my site — as I believe you having access to information is important. But, I can’t work for free either, which is why I work with these companies. So if you’d like to financial support this site and keep it alive long into the future, consider supporting my supporters!

And with that, here’s a list of every drone discount (and discounts on drone-related products) that I can get you right now:

Drone Pilot Ground School DroneGirl50 promo code

1. Part 107 course coupon codes

Three of my recommended online Part 107 courses have partnered with me to offer coupon codes to readers. They are:

Drone Pilot Ground School:

  • Usual Price: $299
  • Coupon code: DRONEGIRL50 will automatically save you $50 and bring your price down to just $249

Drone Launch Academy:

  • Usual Price: $199
  • Coupon code: DRONEGIRL50 will automatically save you $50 and bring your price down to just $149

Peltier Photo Courses FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep:

Usual Price: $139
Coupon code: DroneG20 at checkout will save you $20 and bring your price down to just $119

2. Coupon codes for other online drone courses

There’s more to learn about drones than simply getting your Part 107 license!

Drone mapping and modeling

A screenshot from the Drone Mapping And Modeling Fundamentals course by Drone Launch Academy.

Drone mapping is one of the top drone applications in the world.  Having the skills do build aerial maps or models using drones can translate to a huge increase in the number and types of drone jobs you’re able to take, as well as how much money you can charge for that work.

Given that, enrolling in an online drone mapping class can be a straightforward, affordable way to gain the knowledge you need to level up your drone business. One of the best drone mapping classes, Drone Mapping And Modeling Fundamentals from Drone Launch Academy has offered Drone Girl readers a killer deal on their course, which normally costs $399.

Enter coupon code DRONEGIRLMAPS at checkout to get $150 off their $399 course, bringing your price down to $249. By the way, the discount should automatically apply with this link.

Drone photo courses

Friend of the Drone Girl Johan Vandenhecke (who is the creator of the Drone Adventurer Masterclass, an online drone photography course) is giving all Drone Girl readers $50 off his course.

The course covers so much of what you need to know about using drones for photography, from actual flight tips, to editing in Lightroom and — perhaps most importantly — making money in drones.

Use this link with promo code SALLY50 to save $50 off the Drone Adventurer Masterclass.

There’s also an upgraded option that comes with three, 1:1 coaching sessions. Use this link with promo code SALLY50PLUS to save $50 on the upgraded 1:1 coaching course.

Raspberry Pi

Building and programming your own drones

Drone Dojo is an incredible online resource for tinkers, STEM-enthusiasts or anyone looking to learn more about the inner-workings of drones. While the website offers plenty of free video tutorials and written guides, the best stuff is neatly packaged in paid course.

Among the courses you’ll find include “How to build a Raspberry Pi drone,” “How to program a drone using Python,” and a deep-dive, capstone-type course on “Precision Landing and Drone Delivery.” And the first 30 Drone Girl readers can save 10% on any of them by using coupon code DRONEGIRL2 at checkout. Hurry though, as this offer is limited to the first 30 takers.

How to build a Raspberry Pi drone

  • Usual Price: $99
  • Coupon code: DRONEGIRL2 will save you 10% at checkout, saving you about $10.

How to program a drone using Python

  • Usual Price: $197
  • Coupon code: DRONEGIRL2 will save you 10% at checkout, saving you about $20.

Precision Landing and Drone Delivery

  • Usual Price: $397
  • Coupon code: DRONEGIRL2 will save you 10% at checkout, saving you about $40.

3. Coupon codes for drone kits

Here’s a deal on drone parts that you put together yourself. I’m talking about the ready-made Raspberry Pi Drone Kit — also from Drone Dojo. You can save big on that, as well as its counterpart, the Pixhawk Rover Kit with an exclusive Drone Girl promo code.

Raspberry Pi Drone Kit

  • Usual Price: $899
  • Coupon code: DRONEGIRL1 will save you $50 (limited to the first 30 takers).

Pixhawk Rover Kit

  • Usual Price: $899
  • Coupon code: DRONEGIRL1 will save you $50 (limited to the first 30 takers).

4. Other Drone Girl coupon codes

Beyond just drone-specific products, I also have a couple other deals around travel, lifestyle and tech products that could save you money:

Google Fiber Webpass

Free month of Google Fiber Webpass Wi-Fi

I am a Wi-Fi maniac — no surprise for the blogging, droning lifestyle! Slow Wi-Fi slows me down, which is why I use Google Fiber Webpass at home.

If you want to try out Webpass (and there are no contracts, so why not?!) you can get your first month of Google Fiber Webpass free here.

Read more: Google Fiber Webpass: 5 reasons why it’s the best Internet provider for drone pilots

Get $20 off your first Getaround trip

I live in San Francisco, where owning a car doesn’t make sense. But flying drones in San Francisco also doesn’t really make sense oftentimes, which is why I’m constantly driving to vineyards in wine country or down the California coastline to take drone footage.

My preferred way to rent a car? Skipping the traditional rental car companies, and going to Getaround, which is like Airbnb for cars. Rental car prices are incredibly high right now, and waits at the rental car counter are longer than ever. Getaround cars are priced by owners which means you can likely find a deal. Plus, you unlock them through your phone, so there’s no counter to wait at. Walk up to the car, unlock it through the Getaround app and start driving.

If you’re interested in renting out a Getaround car, this link can get you $20 off, which will automatically be applied to your first trip after selecting a protection plan. 

Earn 60,000 bonus points when you apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred

Whether it’s flying drones in an awesome new spot, or just attending drone conferences, I am always traveling. Right now, my preferred travel credit card is, well, the Chase Sapphire Preferred, as it earns 5x points on travel purchased through Chase, plus 3x points on dining, streaming and groceries.

Apply now through this link to earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That’s $750 toward travel when you redeem your points through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

While the card has a $95 annual fee, there’s a $50 annual ultimate rewards hotel credit, 10% anniversary points boost, plus other travel benefits like travel insurance (which I wouldn’t travel without these days).

Free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime

It’s 2022, so surely you’ve heard of Amazon Prime. If you haven’t, well — it’s the membership program associated with Amazon. With it comes benefits including free shipping (including same-day delivery on some products), free movie and TV streaming, ad-free access to music streaming, unlimited full-resolution online photo storage and 5 GB free video storage.

Alas, Amazon Prime doesn’t offer free drone delivery — yet.

It’s $139 per year or $14.99 per month, though you can get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime through this link.

5. Other ways to get a drone discount (and yes, sometimes even free drones!)

I can’t personally hook you up with free drones, but I can connect you to other places on the Internet that can either nab you a drone discount and, yes, perhaps even a free drone.

I put together a guide to getting free drones, or at least a drone discount. Check it out here. There, you’ll find contests, secondhand marketplaces and borrowing programs that can often connect you with free or cheap drones.

You can also commonly find discounts for certainly affiliations, such as being a first responder or military member. Check with those affiliations to see if they apply to you.

Do you have other drone discount or promo codes to share? Help out the Drone Girl community by leaving a comment below!

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