Raspberry Pi Drone Kit

Beloved Raspberry Pi drone training site launches ready-made Raspberry Pi Drone Kit

Building your own Raspberry Pi-powered drone has never been easier — and that’s all thanks to a new Raspberry Pi Drone Kit put together by the folks over at Drone Dojo.

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Raspberry Pi Drone Kit

Drone Dojo is the brainchild of DIY-drone savant Caleb Berquist, and it’s a hub of online video how-to courses, training materials around DIY projects and more. It’s the ideal source for someone interested in learning how to build and program the drones they love to fly, and it’s become beloved among STEM classes and after-school courses, tinkerers in their garages, and anyone looking to level-up their knowledge about how drones operate.

Drone Dojo really came into the spotlight in 2021 when Berquist launched a series of video DIY drone courses on three topics: “How to build a Raspberry Pi drone,” “How to program a drone using Python,” and a deep-dive, capstone-type course on “Precision Landing and Drone Delivery.”

The problem? While the video courses were well-laid out and easy to follow, it was still a headache to gather the components needed to build the physical drone you were learning about. You had to track down the right items, hope you ordered the right model, and wait for them to all arrive — an especial challenge during ongoing supply chain issues.

With the new Raspberry Pi Drone Kit, that headache is gone — and there’s no need to go through the painful process of having to find your own parts. Every single item required to build a Raspberry Pi drone (as described in the How to build a Raspberry Pi drone course) is included with your drone kit.

For $899, you’ll get a Raspberry Pi Drone Kit that includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Pixhawk Flight Controller
  • Drone Frame
  • Four Brushless Motors
  • Four ESCs
  • RC Transmitter and Receiver
  • 3D Printed Vibration Dampening Plate
  • SD Card and SD Card Reader
  • Mounting materials
  • Lipo Battery
  • Lipo Battery Charger
  • Lipo Battery Fire-proof case
  • Eight Propellers
  • GPS and Compass Module
  • GPS mount
  • All connectors you’ll need
  • Telemetry Modules
  • Screws, screwdrivers, hex keys

Other drones that use the same exact equipment typically range in price from $2,000 to $13,000, making Drone Dojo’s $900 price tag look like a deal. So how is this one so much cheaper?

For starters, you do the assembly work, rather than paying someone else to. But hey, that’s part of the fun is putting your own drone together. And if you’re looking to nerd-out and level-up your STEM skills, well, there’s no better way to do it than putting together your own drone.

Additionally, because Berquist’s company is able to buy the parts in bulk, those savings get passed on to you.

The kit pairs perfectly with Berquist’s $100 “How to build a Raspberry Pi drone” course. Though, you may not need to buy it. Along with your purchase of the drone kit comes a 21-step video series that shows you exactly what you have to do, and in what order, so you can take the guesswork out of building an actually flyable drone from your parts.

computer for Raspberry Pi Drone Kit

What is Raspberry Pi anyway?

If you’ve been researching how to build your own drone, you’ve likely seen the phrase “Raspberry Pi.” No, that’s not what your mom is serving for dessert during the summer BBQ.

Raspberry Pi refers to a line of small, single-board computers about the size of a credit card, developed in part by the United Kingdom-based Raspberry Pi Foundation and Broadcom. The initial intent of its creators was to use these computers in schools to teach basic computer science — so it’s no surprise that it’s the learning tool in this course, too. These days, the robotics industry — ranging from hobby makers to even some major companies — relies on the Rapberry Pi given its low cost, modularity, and open design. Today, the Raspberry Pi is one of the best-selling British computers, with more than 30 million boards sold as of December 2019.

Once you’ve built your own Raspberry Pi drone, use it for basic flying, or even thoughtful applications including your own drone delivery missions, drone swarms, computer vision missions and more.

Grab your own Raspberry Pi Drone Kit here. Oh, and if you like rolling robots vs. flying robots, you might also consider this similar offering: the Pixhawk Rover Kit.

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