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New drone podcast includes fresh, interactive component

This month gave us two all-new drone and tech podcasts — and both are created by veterans of both drones and podcasting. Dawn Zoldi, CEO and Founder of P3 Tech Consulting has teamed up with former Interdrone podcast host Mike Pehel, to launch two new podcasts: Full Crew and Full TILT.

What is the Full Crew podcast?

The first of the two new podcasts airs weekly, and focuses on drones, as well as other aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and robotics. Expect to hear the leading voices in tech sharing their candid first impressions of the latest news stories shaping the industry.

Unlike other review or advice-focused podcasts, Full Crew will largely focus on current events in the news.

Beyond just hearing from Pehel and Zoldi, each week features one to two guests from various tech industries. In the inaugural episode which aired on June 6, you would have heard from former DJI leader-turned Auterion VP Romeo Durscher.

It airs weekly — and you can tune into it live. Live shows stream every Monday at 11 a.m. ET across YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Should you rather listen later, you can also easily download the audio on Spotify, Apple, and Google platforms.

Oh and by the way, I’ll be on the Monday, July 11 episode of Full Crew.

What is the Full TILT podcast?

Full TILT is an acronym for Tech Industry Leadership Talks. Consider the Full TILT podcast as a spin-off of Full Crew. This one is more business and leadership-focused, featuring guest interviews from tech sector leaders. Tune in to hear more about the leadership strategies of tech entrepreneurs and executives.

Where as Full Crew is more news focused, expect this one to be more evergreen.

“The wisdom these leaders have provided has been so incredible and inspirational,” Zoldi said. “Everyone needs to hear about these invaluable life and leadership lessons. And so Full TILT was born.”

This one records just bi-weekly, streaming every other Tuesday at 11 a.m. ET (also across YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook on the same channel pages as Full Crew).

Dawn Zoldi and Mike Pehel: a long podcast history

The “Full” podcasts are created by Dawn Zoldi and Mike Pehel, two longtime drone industry influencers who are far from newbies to podcasting.

Dawn Zoldi

Zoldi has to be one of the busiest people in the drone industry, and she has her hands in all sorts of aspects of it. She runs her own tech consulting business, P3 Consulting, she’s an adjunct professor at Colorado State University, and she’s an advisor for Women & Drones (and she won the organization’s 2019 Woman To Watch In UAS awards) — among just a few current items on her resume.

Just prior to focusing on her company full-time, she spent about 28 years at the Air Force, most recently as Deputy Director of the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Center for Character and Leadership Development. She also served as a GS-15 associate general counsel and an active duty Colonel in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

She previously hosted the “Drones at Dawn,” which existed under Interdrone’s formerly-extensive media umbrella of podcasts, newsletters and conference. But Interdrone shifted significantly, largely due to pandemic-related challenges (the 2021 Interdrone conference was abruptly called off just a couple months before it was set to run, and when it returns in 2022 it’ll be part of Create NYC).

While the Drones at Dawn podcast officially ended, it didn’t, really. Instead, it got rebranded to the similarly-named Dawn of Drones podcast, living as one of Drone Life’s family of media platforms. That podcast is pretty enterprise and business-minded, with a focus on advanced air mobility, drone and autonomous industries. Each podcast ties into a monthly theme (next month’s theme is innovation).

Like the new Full Crew and Full TILT podcasts, the Dawn of Drones podcast is also interactive. And with Full Crew on Mondays, Fill TILT on alternating Tuesdays, you can still have a dose of Dawn in the morning; Dawn of Drones streams every Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET simultaneously on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Discord, and LinkedIn, and includes a 45-minute live and interactive discussion on emerging tech, and associated legal and policy issues.

And in case you were wondering if there was a Thursday dose of Dawn too, there is. Dawn of Drones guests also appear in Zoldi’s Clubhouse room, Drone Law Connections, at 1 p.m. ET on the Thursday prior to their podcast.

Mike Pehel

Mike Pehel is a producing and promoting pro — and he’s passionate about drones. He spent about seven years at Emerald Expositions, which put on Interdrone, giving him a front seat to all things drones (and a close relationship with many of the top drone industry players). During that time, he cohosted the Interdrone podcast.

Now, he runs his own business called MJN Associates, while also staying in the tech conference side of things by serving as Head Of Marketing for AI4 – Artificial Intelligence Conferences. And on the side, he’s running podcasts.

“We learned from the Dawn of Drones that there is a high demand for quality news reporting and unbiased information in the tech sector,” Pehel said. “This is about much more than uncrewed vehicles. This is about discussing the hottest topics ripped from the headlines relating to all of the technologies that will shape society and move us into a better tomorrow.”

And given Pehel and Zoldi’s history of working together, they’ve developed an understanding of what makes a winning, lasting podcast.

You can subscribe to Full Crew on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Discord or at its home website.

And don’t forget to tune in to the Monday, July 11 episode of Full Crew, as I’ll be one of the guests commentating on the news.

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