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Many sides of Sally: “Media in Minutes” podcast digs into drones, powerlifting, NerdWallet

Many of you know me as The Drone Girl. But those of you who know me super well or have been following me for a long time know that drones are just one of my multiple, deep passions. And I’m grateful to Angela Tuell, the host of the “Media in Minutes” podcast, for allowing me to talk about all of them.

The Media in Minutes podcast, hosted by Angela Tuell, features in-depth interviews with journalists, who share their favorite stories, behind-the-scenes incites and more musings on their worlds. And the latest Media in Minutes podcast episode, which initially aired on June 16, 2022, features yours truly.

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In this episode of Media in Minutes, I share my history of growing up in the drone industry and building this website that you’re reading right now. But what many of you might realize is I actually have another full-time job, covering credit cards and travel for personal finance website NerdWallet. Consider Drone Girl as more of a full-time side hustle. Oh, and that’s not my only side hustle! I’m also a fitness coach and competitive athlete myself, having medaled at national events in both the sports of powerlifting and weightlifting. I can deadlift triple bodyweight, in fact!

And if you want to get to know me a bit better, then tune into this week’s Media in Minutes episode.

Media in Minutes podcast Angela Tuell

Among the episode highlights (and time marks):

2:00: I share my best credit card advice on earning and redeeming points.

9:40: I give advice on how to pitch stories to me.

15:04: I share the wildest, active vacations I’ve done, including that drone flying adventure in the Arctic Circle.

19:29: I talk about my fitness background, and how you too can get into it.

24:22: Finally I talk about starting The Drone Girl blog!

27:00: You find out how I manage it all.

28:19: You find out what’s in my future.

If that sounds interesting to you, then please have a listen! This is the general link to the podcast, and you can also find it on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcher.comTuneIn and others.

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