DII drone survey

Mega DII drone survey seeks your responses (and wants to give you a Skydio 2 drone in exchange)

The annual Drone Industry Barometer needs its yearly update. But to make that happen, this DII drone survey first needs responses — from you.

Drone Industry Insights, a German-based analytics firm, is calling on industry experts, participants, drone pilots and advocates (and if you’re reading this, at least on of those descriptors is likely you) to participate in its yearly Drone Industry Barometer.

To participate in the DII drone survey, you’ll have to answer between 17-29 questions (the number varies based on the answers you select earlier in the survey). Drone Industry Insights said to expect it to take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Fill it out here.

What’s in it for you? For participating, you’ll get:

  • A free copy of the final Drone Industry Barometer 2022 Report: This is something I look forward to getting every year. For Drone Nerds like me, consider it drone data Christmas.
  • A free ticket to Interaerial Solutions: This event put on through INTERGEO will be held between Oct. 18 through 20, 2022 in Essen, Germany.
  • A chance to win a Skydio 2 drone: DII will conduct a drawing among entrants to giveaway the epic follow-me drone to one lucky winner.
  • A chance to win one of five ADW Delegate tickets for Amsterdam Drone Week 2023: This mega drone event runs from March 21 through 23, 2023.

The Barometer, which is available in seven languages, has served as a source of insights about drone companies, their target markets, performance over the past year and expectations for the coming year, and more (and it’s frequently cited throughout content right here on The Drone Girl.

“All of this brings more transparency to the drone industry and provides key data that can help all of us understand drone markets throughout the globe in order to help them push forward,” according to a statement from DII — and the Drone Girl agrees to as such data is otherwise hard to come by, yet highly beneficial in providing context to my (and others’) reporting.

To get an idea of how it’ll turn out, here’s a look at the Drone Industry Barometer 2021 White paper, which ended up featuring information from 678 companies across 64 countries representing the hardware, software and services side of things. Besides showing standard outlooks like what drone companies prioritize and which market-drivers they consider most important, it also showed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic after a year of restrictions, while forecasting its long-term impact.

And that white paper has been referenced numerous times on this site. It gave us a clearer picture on how — 18 months since lockdowns — COVID affected the drone industry. It showed us the surprising ways that drone companies plan to spend money in the coming year. It illuminated the top reason people use drones.

And when the 2022 DII drone survey is in, expect more content to keep coming. For now, participate in the DII drone survey here.

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