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FAA scales back annual safety campaign to one-day event

National Drone Safety Awareness Week has been reduced to a single day. The 2022 edition of the Federal Aviation Administration’s annual drone safety campaign is set for this June.

But whereas the first three versions of the event (hosted in 2019, 2020 and 2021) all spanned a week, this year’s 2022 Drone Safety Day campaign is a one-day ordeal. This year’s 2022 Drone Safety Day campaign is scheduled for Saturday, June 18.

FAA drone safety campaign awareness week

In year’s past, every day has centered around a different theme, like STEM education or careers in drones. This year combines all aspect of drone safety into one acronym “Fly RIGHT.” The day aims to touch on all aspects of the acronym, which are:

  • Register your drone
  • Interact with others
  • Gain knowledge
  • Have a safety plan
  • TRUST and Train

The inaugural FAA Drone Safety Awareness Week was held in 2019. With it, the FAA hosted some components itself, including hosting webinars, providing social media support, and offering up downloadable marketing materials. But it also heavily relied on the private side of the industry, including local flying clubs, racing teams, big companies, small startups, and more, to host their own events. Many private organizations participated, hosting meetups, fly days, demonstrations and more.

The 2020 and 2021 editions of the safety awareness week struggled in some capacities because — while there were certainly virtual events — the pandemic made it difficult for many to host drone events in real life.

That said, the FAA leaned into the virtual life in 2021, offering tons of virtual events including a photo showcase and Drone@Home activity list.  Kid-focused drone activities were front and center, with downloadable materials available including a guide to the Principle of Thrust by Making a Foamie Flyer (PDF) and AIAA’s K-12 Everyday Drones Lesson Plans.

Another difference with this year’s event: In the first three versions, it was always held in the fall. This year, it’ll run in June (June 18, to be exact).

To find virtual events (as well as some in-person events!), visit faa.gov., which says it’ll update its website as well as its social media channels (find them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram) with the latest Drone Safety Day news.

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