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Wing records milestone 100,000 delivery drone flights within 6 months

How’s this for insane growth? Just six months after crossing the milestone of making 100,000 delivery drone flights, Wing has now made a mind-boggling 200,000 commercial drone deliveries in its company history.

The company recently announced that — over the past six months — it completed 100,000 drone deliveries. That averages out to about 555 drone deliveries made per day. Though, some days are busier than others, and Wing said it once recorded more than 1,000 drone deliveries on a single day (that’s a delivery every 25 seconds).

delivery drone flights Wing Australia

The news comes after an August 2021 announcement that Wing had crossed its first 100,000 drone delivery milestone.

The 200,000 drone delivery point is fairly close with another big player in the drone delivery space. Zipline, which began operating in 2016, said in November 2021 that it had completed over 200,000 commercial drone deliveries, primarily carrying medical supplies. Both companies are far ahead of other competitors in the space. For context, Flytrex, which has done many high-publicity drone delivery stunts including a partnership with Domino’s Pizza, says it has only delivered 12,000 items in 2021.

delivery drone flights Wing Australia

Wing, which is a sister company to Google, has been on a drone delivery tear recently, making deliveries from malls, convenience stores and more — and sending those items through the air to actual customers’ homes.

Most of its delivery drone flights are happening in Australia. Wing said it made roughly 30,000 deliveries in Australia throughout January and February 2022.

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While many drone delivery companies are still in testing mode and are making highly-controlled, one-off delivery tests to a curated set of test customers, Wing’s deliveries are a lot farther along out of the beta process. A spokesperson for Wing said that the 200,000 global drone delivery milestone does not include test flights or test deliveries.

delivery drone flights Wing Australia

And Wing only has plans to grow bigger from here. Wing recently launched a new partnership with Coles, which is one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains, to deliver any of about 250 popular grocery items like bread, snacks and toilet paper to customers in Australia’s capital Canberra. Other big-time partnerships for Wing in Australia include deals with Vietnamese chain Roll’d, Friendly Grocer and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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