Part 107 practice test

This Part 107 practice test offers access to 270 questions

If you’re studying to get your Remote Pilot Certificate (which you’ll need to fly drones commercially), then one of the best ways to guarantee you know your stuff is via a Part 107 practice test.

And if you haven’t already enrolled in a Part 107 online test prep course — which can be one of the most efficient, straightforward ways to ensure you know your stuff — then here’s another recommendation to make sure you’re maximally prepared on test day: simply run through as many practice tests as you have time for.

Practice tests with test bank questions are typically already included in mostPart 107 online test prep courses. But if you prefer things a la carte, then the team at Peltier Photo Courses is offering up a 270-question test bank through what it’s calling the Prime Practice Test.

For just $15, you’ll gain access to the full 270-question test bank — and enrollment access lasts for two months before it expires.

Who is thePrime Practice Test for?

If you didn’t purchase a full test prep course, you should heavily consider at least the a la carte practice test. You might identify weak areas for self-study, or uncover knowledge areas that you didn’t even know were on the test. And considering that Peltier’s Practice Test Prime is about $15, you can have peace of mind for the price of lunch.

A few people have had success studying online thanks to materials from the FAA itself. The FAA’s official handbook, calledthe Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, is an excellentplace to learn more general airspace knowledge, which will be enormously helpful in passing the test. It’s 524 pages and free fordownload online from the FAA’s site. (You can also purchase a physical version for about $7).

Or, maybe you enrolled in a full test prep course, but just want access to as many questions as possible. The more questions (and correct answers) you’re exposed to, the higher the odds you’ll perform well on the Part 107 test.

By the way, if you enroll in the full FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep course from Peltier Photo Courses, you’ll get a credit to your account for the cost of the initialPrime Practice Test.

Check out the Prime Practice Test here. And by the way, find out how I studied (and passed!) the FAA Part 107 test here.

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