Autel Evo Lite

Autel EVO Nano and Lite drones have arrived

The Autel EVO Nano and EVO Lite drones may have been delayed, but that seems to be the story of everything in 2021. A fresh new year is here, and with it comes the highly-anticipated Autel EVO Nano and EVO Lite drones.

Autel’s newest lineup of drones arrived at U.S. warehouses during the last week of December, according to the company, and even more drones are expected to ship globally in the coming weeks.

TheAutel EVO Nano and EVO Lite drones were first announced in September 2021, and were initially slated to launch in October and be under Christmas trees for the 2021 holiday season. That didn’t happen, but Autel says they’re here now and in the hands of distribution partners, including B&H and Adorama. You can also purchase them directly from Autel.

What to know about Autel EVO Nano and Lite drones

Autel’s launch gives us two separate series of drones, both of which include both a standard drone and a “plus” model that offers up better features at a higher price tag.

Among the most exciting features of Autel’s fresh drone lineup:

  • 4K HDR video (for Lite/Nano series) or 6K/30FPS video (for Lite+)
  • 6.2 miles image transmission range (for Nano series) or 7.4 miles image transmission range (for Lite series)
  • Three-way obstacle avoidance (front, rear, and downward)
  • Available in colors including white, orange, gray and red

Autel Robotics EVO Nano and Nano+

This drone weighs only 249 grams and has either a 1/2″ or 1/1.28″ sensor, depending on the model you choose.

Designed for photography enthusiasts, it has an RYYB color filter array design with a large aperture of f/1.9 of EVO Nano+ for better noise reduction, making it ideal for filming in low-light conditions. And for videographers, the three-axis mechanical gimbal damps out vibration, ensuring footage is smooth and stable.

Here’s their initial pricetags:

  • EVO Nano Standard: $649
  • EVO Nano Premium Bundle: $799
  • EVO Nano+ Standard: $799
  • EVO Nano+ Premium Bundle: $949

Available now via Adorama or directly from Autel.

Autel Evo Lite

Autel Robotics EVO Lite and Lite+

This drone has a 4-axis gimbal with a 1″ sensor for up to 6K/30fps. Image quality on this one should be excellent, thanks to a supersensitive 50 MP camera equipped with a 1/1.28-inch (0.8-inch) CMOS sensor. The camera adopts an RYYB color filter array design, which absorbs 40% more light than traditional RGGB arrays, allowing users to capture natural scenery in all its glory.

And for videographers, a precise autofocus that locks in within milliseconds using a phase detection autofocus and dual focus algorithm makes it easy to track subjects.

And what about that 4-axis gimbal? This unique design allows you to shoot vertical videos, designed for mobile device sharing.

Here’s their initial pricetags:

  • EVO Lite Standard: $1,249
  • EVO Lite Premium Bundle: $1,549
  • EVO Lite+ Standard: $1,349
  • EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle: $1,649

Available now via Adorama or directly from Autel.

And all of the drones are on display in real life, right now at the Autel Robotics booth (#18416) at CES in Las Vegas, which started Wednesday and runs through Jan. 8, 2022.

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