CES 2022 Innovation Awards

CES 2022 Innovation Awards: the best new drone consumer products

CES 2022 is set for January 5-8, 2022 and will be held in-person in Las Vegas, Nevada. And ahead of the big January event, the massive tech event unveiled the honorees of its CES 2022 Innovation Awards. And a handful of them are drones — or drone adjacent products.

What are the CES 2022 Innovation Awards?

The CES 2022 Innovation Awards recognizes new consumer technology products. That is, only products that entered the market for the first time after April 1, 2021 (or will arrive before April 1, 2022) are eligible to win.

From there, winners can be any individual, organization or authorized agent who manufactures, designs, engineers or promotes those products. The nominees are reviewed by a panel of industry experts, and awards are given out based on product categories such as photography, drones, robots and software.

Entries are evaluated based on:

  • Engineering and functionality
  • Aesthetic and design
  • What makes the product unique and innovative

From there, honorees are named — and the best of the best can win a “Best of Innovation” title as well.

And here are the honorees that have to do with the drone industry:

The drone companies honored with CES 2022 Innovation Awards

DJ25: A fuel cell-powered VTOL drone by Doosan Mobility Innovation and JOUAV

DJ25 is a hydrogen fuel cell VTOL(Vertical Take Off and Landing) commercial drone solution. Jointly developed by JOUAV and Doosan, this drone contains advanced PEMFC(Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) technology and a VTOL air frame.

The drone purports to have flight time of up to 5 and half hours, and it can. cover up to 500km in a single flight.

The drone was designed for long-distance inspections, large-scale site surveying and mapping. Given its hydrogen-power, this drone has low noise and no vibration during power generation.

Doosan’s solar inspection solution

That’s not deja vu, and you did indeed read this right. Doosan Mobility Innovation snagged a second award, this time for its solar inspection solution tied to the aforementioned hydrogen fuel cell drone.

Doosan’s all-in-one solution for renewable energy infrastructure inspections involves hydrogen PEMFC(Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cells) technology. The company’s eco-friendly, hydrogen fuel cell drone can fly for more than two hours with an automatic mission flight. And during that single flight, it’s solution can take detailed images of hundreds of thousands of solar panels (that’s a 2MW solar farm). From there, data is collected and sent to an AI-based SW through Doosan’s LTE cloud server, enabling defects to be automatically detected through machine learning, made into reports and sent to customers.

ISON’s Drone Charging Station

This High Mast drone charging station from ISON consists of a pole, drone hangar and control box. That high mast pole can raise and lower automatically via the control box. The hangar can extend as high as 50 feet tall, enabling it to support accessories such as anemometers (which are useful tools for taking vertical wind measurements), CCTV cameras, rain sensors, solar panel modules or LED lights. That could make drones more useful for use cases ranging from tracking monsoons to conducting solar panel inspections.

Those companies (and hundreds of other non-drone consumer product companies) can be found at CES 2022, which is set for January in Las Vegas. Among the other big drone events to watch for at CES 2022 this year is the DRL Algorand World Championship Season 2021-22 finale. The big, ultimate race will take place on an outdoor course along the Las Vegas strip at T-Mobile Arena in tandem with the CES event. Additionally, the Women to Watch in UAS 2021 awards will be presented live at CES 2022 for the first time ever 

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