How to pitch your drone business

How to pitch your drone business or product to press

How do you get better press coverage for your drone business or brand? As the writer behind The Drone Girl, I get dozens of pitches a day, so I’ve seen them all — the clever, the helpful, the confusing, the downright bad. So with that, I’ve decided to give a masterclass on how to pitch your drone business or product to press, whether it’s niche bloggers, major media outlets or anyone in between.

This masterclass was originally created for the 2020 NYC Drone Film Festival, which was held entirely online. And given its virtual nature, the whole thing was recorded. Now, I can share it with you. Watch the roughly 30-minute video on how to pitch your drone business or product to press here:

It’s relevant for anyone launching a drone startup, trying to build up a personal brand, or trying to generate interest in a big drone company. In it, you’ll learn a hefty list of buzzwords to avoid, you’ll undergo an exercise for crafting the ultimate elevator pitch, you’ll receive tips for composing your subject line (and yes, your subject line can often matter more than the press release or body of the email!), and I’ll give some insider suggestions to make sure journalists actually cover your story.

Prior to — and in tandem with — my work getting drone pitches, I’ve worked at news outlets including The New York Times, The Orange County Register, MarketWatch and NerdWallet covering not just drones, but other topics like money and travel, so I’ve received thousands of pitches in my lifetime. Trust me, I get dozens of pitches per day, so I know what goes into a good pitch if you’re seeking media coverage.

Want more drone business tips?

This video is about pitching, but there’s more to growing and building your brand than simply press coverage. Check out my guide with conference circuit pro Fiona Lake on how to get booked (and paid!) to speak at drone conferences.

And if you need some entrepreneurial inspiration, meet the freelance drone pilots who say they make 6 figures annually (and find out how). And yes, more so than building or designing drones, drone flying can be the top moneymaker in the drone industry.

Have you had success pitching your drone business to press? Share your best tips in the comments below!

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  • Hi Sally! Great article and informative. As you’re aware starting any business, be it Drones or otherwise is a tough go!

    Unrelated, I would like to bring to your attention of a drone company that claims to be out of London, GB called “Innflys”, Eagleye is their so called drone name. THIS IS A COMPLETE FRAUD!

    Nothing advertised on their website is real. I have posted to some FB groups that deal with drones and my personal FB page too. IDK, if you’re able to get the word out, to stay far away from this company.

    Website looks really good! You can check out at:

    Merry Christmas, keep up the GREAT work, we all appreciate YOU!
    Gary Burdick

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