Black Friday 2021: Save over $100 on Drone Pilot Ground School Part 107 test prep

Drone Pilot Ground School‘s Black Friday 2021 sale is on. Or, a Black Fly-Day sale, if you will.

The sale begins Wednesday, Nov. 17th and it provides a $107 discount on Drone Pilot Ground School’s Part 107 online training course. For the Black Friday 2021 sale, the online course drops in price from $299 to $192, which amounts to 36% off.

The Black Fridy (well, Fly-Day) sale begins early this year, starting today and running through Tuesday, November 30 at 11:59p Central Time.

Drone Pilot Ground School is my favorite Part 107 drone test prep course, and it’s the course I took to take and pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test on my first try.

Under FAA Part 107, all people flying drones commercially must hold a Remote Pilot Certificate (also known as a drone pilot’s license). To get that license, you’ll have to pass that Aeronautical Knowledge Test (hence, it’s common to hear people refer to the test as the ‘Part 107 test.’)

And because the test is far trickier than a common sense test (you’ll need to know how to read a sectional chart, and what stratiform clouds are, among other topics), you’ll likely want to take a training course.

Drone Pilot Ground School provides video lectures, quizzes with about 300 practice questions including actual FAA questions, a 12 page cram sheet, and 1:1 customer support.

Use this link and the Drone Pilot Ground School sale price will automatically apply (for purchases made before the close of the sale on Nov. 30).

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