Third DJI product drop of fall 2021 set for tomorrow night

They say all good things come in threes, which means tomorrow should shape up to be pretty good. Thursday, Nov. 4 marks the third of three DJI product launches set for the 2021 fall quarter. And all signs point to the fact that tomorrow’s DJI product drop is going to be an all-new drone.

The event will be held live at 7 p.m. PT on Thursday, Nov. 4.

In the first drop on Oct. 20, DJI gave us the Ronin 4D. The full-frame Zenmuse X9 gimbal camera has a LiDAR focusing system and — true to its name — an all-new 4-axis stabilization system.

The second of two product launches gave us the DJI Action 2, which was standout for its ultra-modular design, primarily connected through magnets. (Check out my DJI Action 2 unboxing video and complete DJI Action 2 review here.)

There’s little we know for certain about the third DJI product drop of this cluster, but DJI is also dropping us some clues.

In a Twitter graphic promoting the drops, we see a recording button on Oct. 20, which proved to be the Ronin 4D. The funky dots for Oct. 27 turned out to be the magnetic design. The third piece (then stating Nov. 5, though the event has since been moved up a day) looks to be a battery indicator on a drone.

Considering the launch event is dubbed “Imaging Above Everything,” the ‘above’ indicates we’ll get a new drone. The emphasis on imaging means you can probably expect an ultra high-quality camera zone, as opposed to an entry-level flying drone like the Mavic Mini, or a facing drone like DJI FPV.

Plus, there are a few other reasons to think DJI might give us a new drone. For starters, it’s been a while since either the DJI Phantom or DJI Mavic lines got a serious upgrade. While there have been minor tweaks and improvements through special edition drones, the original DJI Phantom 4 came out in 2016 and the DJI Mavic 2 came out in 2018. Both are due for upgrades.

As the economy recovers from early COVID-19 lows — and stocks are at all-time highs — these three new products indicate that DJI is banking on a busy holiday season. We’ll be following tomorrow’s DJI product drop closely, so stay tuned to Drone Girl over the next day and into the weekend, too! To ensure you don’t miss any updates, subscribe to my newsletter (there are daily and weekly options) in the top right corner of my site. Or, follow me on Twitter or on Instagram.

What are you hoping the DJI product drop tomorrow will be? Share your thoughts below!

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