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Skydio sale: Drone starter kit hits lowest price ever at $400 off

Skydio 2 drone

Skydio 2 Pro Kit Upgrade

There’s a huge Skydio sale happening — and in fact, it’s the lowest price ever seen on the American-made, follow-me drone.

California-based Skydio launched its Skydio Holiday Promo, which entails a deep discount on its Skydio 2 Starter Kit. The formerly $1,349 Skydio 2 Starter kit is now just $949, which is $400 off the current price.

This is the biggest sale in Skydio’s history. And despite major supply chain concerns plaguing other companies, there’s nothing to fear about your order getting backordered here. Because the Skydio 2 drones are built in the United States, they’re ready to ship today.

The Skydio sale is pretty incredible, and easily the lowest price we’ve seen. If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on one, now is a brilliant time.

However, there is one big reason why you still might want to wait: DJI is likely to launch a drone at the end of this week. The Chinese drone maker is in the midst of three product launches this quarter. It first dropped the Ronin 4D, and then came out with the Action 2 camera. The third product launch is scheduled for this Friday, Nov. 5, 2021. While we don’t know for sure what DJI will come out with, rumors abound that DJI is set to finally come out with a new drone, either a DJI Phantom 5 or (perhaps even more likely) a DJI Mavic 3.

If DJI does in fact come out with a drone, it seems more than likely that it’ll be a strong competitor to the Skydio 2 drone, which has long stood out for its impressive, crash-proof capabilities. Equipped with six, 200-degree color cameras, Skydio 2 can see everything in every direction so it theoretically never crashes. In contrast, most DJI drones only have front and back-facing sensors, so they don’t have the level of crash-proofing that Skydio’s drones. But that could change.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, crash-proof drone, it might make sense to wait on the Skydio 2 sale until at least Friday to see what DJI comes out with. Then again, Skydio has a huge competitive advantage over DJI when it comes to where it’s drones are made. As of late, we’ve seen a strong preference for drones made in America, and DJI simply can’t compete there.

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What is the Skydio 2 Starter Kit?

The Skydio 2 Starter Kit includes the Skydio 2 drone itself, which captures stunning 4K60 HDR content, can follow you, and avoids obstacles with nearly 100% precision. You can launch, fly and land it all through the Skydio 2 app, which can also help manage the footage you capture with it. It’s compatible with the Skydio Beacon or controller which unlocks more flight features, though that comes at an additional cost.

The Skydio 2 Starter Kit includes:

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The Skydio 2 Starter Kit (as well as other configurations) are currently only available for purchase directly through Skydio itself. Grab yours as part of the Skydio sale now for just $949, right here.

See my video review of the Skydio 2 below: