DJI Action 2 unboxing

DJI Action 2 unboxing: what’s inside the box

Fedex had a delivery for me in the mail this week, and you know what that means: DJI Action 2 unboxing time!

The all-new DJI Action 2 was announced on Wednesday, Oct. 27 as an ultra modular action camera, primarily able to connect to all the accessories through magnets. The DJI Action 2 comes in two different kits, one priced at $399 and the other at $519. Here’s what you get with either configuration:

DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo
DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo. Photo courtesy of DJI.

The DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo ($519): Includes the DJI Action 2 Camera Unit, Front Touchscreen Module, Magnetic Lanyard, Magnetic Ball- Joint Adapter Mount, and Magnetic Adapter Mount. 

DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo. Photo courtesy of DJI.
DJI Action 2 Power Combo. Photo courtesy of DJI.

The DJI Action 2 Power Combo ($399): Includes DJI Action 2 Camera Unit, Power Module, Magnetic Lanyard, and Magnetic Adapter Mount.

Then, there are tons more accessories, including the Mic, Macro Lens, Floating Handle and Waterproof case, which are sold separately. I got my hands on a whole bunch of them, and decided to show you how they look in real life! Check out all my fun opening all the goodies right here in my DJI Action 2 unboxing video:

Here are the items featured in my DJI Action 2 unboxing video:

Front Touchscreen Module: The standalone DJI Action 2 has a camera on the front (duh) and a touchscreen on the back. But what if you want to see what your camera is seeing if you’re filming a selfie? This front-facing OLED touchscreen does that. Plus, it’s got three built-in microphones for a total of 4-mic Matrix Stereo techn. What’s more, it can extend battery life to 160 minutes. (Included in the $519 Dual-Screen Combo Kit)

Power Module: If you don’t need the full selfie touchscreen module but still want the extra power, you’ll need this, as it provides up to 180 minutes of filming battery life. (Included in the $399 Power Combo Kit)

Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount: This is a unique, mini moldable stand. With its adhesive base, you can put it on pretty much any surface. Use that ball-joint to get 360° views. (Included in the $519 Dual-Screen Combo Kit)

Magnetic Lanyard: This is a lanyard with a magnet attached to connect your Action 2 so you can show a first-person view while keeping your hands free. (Included in both the Dual-Screen and Power Combo Kits)

Remote Control Extension Rod: This glorified, 3-in-1 selfie stick serves as an extension rod, tripod, and detachable remote controller. (Additional cost)

Macro Lens: This is a lens that connects to your Action 2 unit magnetically to bring wildly sharp detail to your ultra close-up shots. (Additional cost)

Waterproof Case: This case is necessary to actually making your Action 2 waterproof. It houses the camera plus either the optional front touch screen module or power module to depths of up to 60 meters. (Additional cost)

DJI Floating Handle: This black handle with a bright orange patch is good for ensuring your Action 2 doesn’t get lost underwater. Thanks to its hollow design, it’ll float. Plus, the anti-slip grip helps you better hang onto it in the water anyway. It’s compatible with either the tripod or the DJI Action 2 Waterproof Case. (Additional cost)

The DJI Action 2 costs $519 for the dual-screen combo or $399 for the Power Combo. Order (or pre-order) your own from major retailers including:

Happily, I got my hands on one early. So if you haven’t seen the Action in action yet, well, check out my video trying it out!

Will you be adding one to your Christmas wishlist this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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