DDC21 DroneDeploy Conference

DDC21 DroneDeploy Conference 2021 kicks off today

Today’s the day: the annual DroneDeploy Conference 2021 — dubbed DDC21 if you’re browsing the hashtags — kicks off today. The two-day DDC21 conference runs today and Wednesday, and this year’s version is all online.

And if you are participating, tune in today from 11:15 a.m. to noon PT on the main virtual stage, as I’ll be participating in the “Elevating DEI in the Drone Industry” panel discussion.

The panel, which is being moderated by DroneDeploy Social Impact Manager Rebecca Lehman, will also feature Karen Joyce of SheMaps and Elena Buenrostro of Women who Drone. After our discussion, you’re all invited to participate via the live Q&A. And you can tune in from your couch (just as I’ll be doing). 

We’re planning to offer quick tips on immediate actions companies can attract more diverse job applicants. Then, we’ll share some COVID-19 optimism around why the pandemic might better support diversity in the drone industry.

DroneDeploy, which is hosting DDC21, is a San Francisco-based startup that builds enterprise-grade software to convert job sites, structures, and assets into easy-to-understand digital representations. It’s primarily used by industries including construction, energy, and agriculture that use drones or other robotics to help automate their work, or by independent drone contractor that work for those companies. DroneDeploy is branching into ground robots too, as evidenced by its August 2021 acquisition of Rocos, a New Zealand-based robotics software company.

There are roughly 2,000 attendees participating in DDC21, which includes more than 40 sessions that focus specifically on many of the biggest sectors that use drones including agriculture, construction and the energy sectors.

Though it won’t be free to join, as the virtual conference includes a $99 registration fee. But while it’s a 2-day conference, it lasts a year (kind of). Registration includes the ability to replay all recorded sessions through October 2022.

Tune in to the DroneDeploy Conference 2021 (DDC21) here.

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